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Education in Mexico

Education in Mexico Latin America is branded for its beautiful monuments and amazing cultures. Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, El Salvador and Colombia are some of Latin American countries which one must know. Education in Latin America is just as varied; the education system differs from one country to another, for example Brazil and Mexico.

Education has many problems in Latin America; most of its countries are poor and belong to the third world standard, which is why Latin American education is known for its low level compared with that offered in Europe and North American, with two noticeable exceptions, Mexico and Brazil.

Education in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most developed Latin American countries, education nonetheless, is segregated by social class. One can see the members of wealthy families go to private schools and universities, while the children of poor families go to public schools and Universities, this due to their lack of money to pay the expensive public universities.

The educational System in Mexico is organized into:
  • Basic education, which comprises preschool, primary and lower secondary school.
  • Upper-secondary education, which comprises general upper-secondary, technical professional and technological upper-secondary.
  • Higher education, which comprises Universities and Technical institutes.

Any educational System level from Mexico focuses on writing and reading Spanish language correctly. Without Spanish knowledge, it will be difficult to access in high schools. In this fact we recommend improve your typing skills using tools like typing speed test. Whether you want to be in the future, you need to be able to produce polished memos, emails and proposals in a reasonable amount of time. Writing, an essential skill in a long list of jobs, gains the biggest boost from touch typing ability.

The universities in Mexico are among the best in Latin American university rankings; the National Autonomous University of Mexico is placed in the second position after Sao Paulo’s University.

This is a list of some of the major universities in Mexico:
  • The National Autonomous University.
  • The National Polytechnic Institute.
  • Iberoamericana University.
  • Guadalajara University.
  • The Autonomous University of Guadalajara.
  • The Autonomous University of Nuevo León.

Business schools are becoming more relevant in Mexico; many students want to improve their life style enrolling in one of the many business schools providing courses online as well as walk-in courses.

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