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Health Care in Mexico

In the last decades, México has generated and received benefits of a significant improvement in health conditions. The life expectancy has improved in 27 years: from 48 years in 1950 to 75 in 2005. The births, in the second half of the twentieth century, had increased too.

The Stomachache is the most frequent illness among the tourists who arrive to Mexico; the stomachache is called as "Montezuma's revenge", referring to the last Aztec Emperor. If you become a victim of "Montezuma's revenge", stay calm. Generally, the stomach disorders do not take more than 48 hours to heal it.
During this period, you must consume plenty of purified water or sportive drinks.

In Mexico, the largest cities have at least one first-class hospital. The health system here is pluralistic that means that there are two health institutions: public and private. The quality of health care service here is great because most of the doctors and professionals had received some training in the U.S.A.

Study a health career in Mexico

Medical schools  

Medical schools in Mexico

A medical school has a global vision, the training of professionals in the area of health and medicine, developing medical educational projects, innovative, Scientifics and technology for the benefit of patients and public. In medical schools students will find specialties such as: general surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, as well as graduate programs and professional degrees in medicine.

Nursing schools  

Nursing schools in Mexico

Nursing schools offer the possibility to train professional nurses and form leaders in service, allow people with vocation to become professionals providing their support in health and disease, Nursing is a profession competent; and its primary purpose is the technique humanistic, Nowadays our society face many deterioration of health conditions and life, therefore, it is necessary to train professional nurses with solid, scientific and technical knowledge, and a great social and cultural sensitivity.

Pharmacy schools  

Pharmacy schools in Mexico

Pharmacy schools include all educational knowledge of human health sciences and have as main objective the training of specialists in all aspects of medicines and drugs. Pharmaceutical chemist is an expert in the process of handling of drugs that educate patients on the safe, effective and appropriate use of the medications; also on pharmacy schools you can find courses and programs in the different aspects of pharmaceutical business.

Dental schools  

Dental schools in Mexico

Welcome to the dental schools in Mexico. Its principal mission is to improve the quality of dental health, oral and craniofacial with educational training, scientific research for the public as well as dentists, doctors and other health professionals. In our school you can find specialties of dentistry, dental prostheses, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics, dental hygiene. You can also access school programs and dental technician degree programs in dental surgery. All of these dental specialties allow you to access a high demand profession that provides a world with many opportunities.

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