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Eating in Merida

Yucatan cuisine is well known throughout Mexico. Try the traditional "Pollo Pibil" and "Sopa de Lima." If you are lucky enough to be discovering Yucatan by automobile or even bus, a travel cooler of decent size comes in very handy in this climate.

You will have opportunities to buy fresh fruit and vegetables along the road. Pass up any that have already been peeled. Honey is frequently found for sale along the road in used whiskey bottles. It should be considered safe and surely will be quite tasty.

La Tratto - Good quality Italian food.Prices and promotions together with the fresh ambience turn it into a popular place among young people.Service is very good.

Los Almendros - All Yucatecan flavors and tradition are found in this classical place with a new image and remodeled facilities with the highest-quality standards.A must during your visit.

La Nao - La Nao serve delicious, original Cantonese recipes with the quality and service that characterize the Cancun Hong Kong chain.The buffet is an outstanding value.

Chillis - The popular American restaurant chain is a busy social spot in the white city, with a typical menu and good service.Dining in Merida & Yucatan is always a delicious experience.

Cafes and Bars in Merida

Some consider the water in Merida safe to drink, however unless your body is used to the microbes in foreign water and on food, you can have problems anywhere. Bottled water is available most places and is the safest choice. It would be difficult for anyone visting this area, not to sample the Tequila, which should be used in moderation.

For those more adventurous souls, Absinth is legal in Mexico and also, moderation is suggested. Fresh fruit juice is very popular in Yucatan and fresh squeeze OJ can be found in most markets.

Tequila - Prol. Paseo de Montejo No. 248 C x 1-C, Fracc. Campestre. Discoteque Bar (Tel: 944 18 28)

Hood Winks - 30 Street No. 132-A x 11 Col. México (Tel: 927 99 35)

Mambo Café - 21 Street No.327 Second Floor Col. Miguel Hidalgo, Américas Main Square

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