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Merida Travel Guide

Getting Merida

Arrival and Leaving Merida

By plane

Merida has a modern Airport, just 5 miles from the downtown. You can get to Merida from Mexico City and Cancun as well as cities in the USA: Houston & Miami. Complimentary transfers to and from Mérida airport are available upon request and with prior arrangement.

  • Licenciado Manuel Crecencio Rejon International Airport (MID) - Merida's airport is 13km from the city center on the southwestern outskirts of town, near the entrance to Highway 180. (Tel +52 (01)55 55-71-63-96, +52 (01)55 37-26-04-33, Fax +52 (01)55 57-62-59-51)
By Bus

To get to Merida from Mexico City, your best bet is to fly there; the main reason is just because bus journey from Mexico City to Merida takes about 24 hours. Mérida's bus stations lie around the corner from each other on the west side of town. The brand new first-class Came , C 70 no. 55, between C 69 and C 71, is sparkling and air-conditioned, with a guardería. Some short-haul buses use minor terminals, but you are most likely to arrive at the busy second-class terminal, on C 69 between C 68 and C 70.

By Car

If you are planning to drive to Merida as a part of road trip in Mexico, expect the adventure from Mexico City to take you around 24 hours. You will need to take highway 150D, 145D, 180D (then 180), then 180D again, then 180 and then 180D (The D indicates toll roads).

Getting Around Merida

Most attractions are located within an area of about 3/4 of a mile long by 1/4 mile wide. Use the bus, subway, or a taxi for longer trips or to get in and out of the Centro; If you want to travel in a previous age's style there are also carriages pulled by horses called “calandria”.

By Bus

Local Buses - Local buses are available and many of the fascinating attractions in the surroundings; ask the local tourism office for facts or consult locally for nearest bus stop. However, the local area bus route infrastructure in this region is not plenty in comparison to other regions (e.g. the colonial heartland) in Mexico, although if your budget is tight, some local buses are available connecting Merida, the Mayan ruins and other villages nearby, although schedules are limited.

By Taxi

Taxis - Local taxis are widely available and you can get one almost anywhere, they are all fitted with colored discs which set a fixed rate depending on which zone you started and end up in. They are abundant, friendly and excellent value.

Taxi Companies
  • Taxi Sitio Minerva No. 22 - (Tel +52 33 36300050)
  • Publi Taxi - (Tel +52 33 38271555)
  • Taxi Express - (Tel +52 33 36374525)
By Car

There are numerous car rental agencies and if you want to see all of the surrounding area including the famous Mayan ruins independently, your best bet is to rent a car locally.

Car Rental Companies
  • Hertz - 60 x 55 and 57 Street Colonia Centro (Tel 924-28-34, 984-01-15 Fax 984-01-14)
  • Avis - Colón Av., Bajos Hotel Fiesta Americana (Tel 925-25-25 y 920-11-01 Fax 920-50-11)
  • Budget - 7 Street # 207 circuito colonias x Pensiones Av. Colonia García Ginerés (central office) (Tel 925-18-55 )
From the Airport

Terrestrial Transport is available from the airport placed about 5 miles southwest of Merida; if you are traveling alone or with just one or two other people, ask for the lower fare option which will mean you share the cost with others in a suburban van.

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