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Mexican celebrations While the world is changing, the media is advancing with it. In our days the traditional ways of sharing and spreading information are not the same than 10 years ago, so now we can find for example Mexican newspapers online as well as their printed versions too. Currently, many people have access to the news media online and with the continuing changes of the technology every day more people will have it.

Mexico or the United States of Mexico is one of the most important countries in America. It is the main touristic destiny in Latin America, and this is mainly because the country has almost 34 places to visit according to UNESCO.

As every country in the world Mexico has many communications types, they are called media, the most commons are:
  • Newspapers:
    • Newspapers. – Mexico newspapers are a printed way of communication, and depending of the publishing time it can be newspaper that is daily produced, magazine that is weekly produced, monthly, which is a magazine that is produced once a month and annual. 
    • Newspapers online. – It is a version of newspapers but they are online so they do not need paper and most of them are free.
  • Radios:
    • Radio, it is a way of communication where the sound is transmitted with electromagnetic waves. 
    • Radio online, it is the internet version of the radio, most of them are free and some others cost. 
  • Televisions or TVs:
    • TV, the TV is the next generation of communication that mixes the printed (visual) and the radio (audio) together in one device. The TV shows visual and audio images and it is the most popular communication media. 
    • TV Online. The signal of the traditional TV is broadcasted on the internet;. This is like the signal of the webcam that shows live what is happening where it is.

The Mexican media, especially the television news programs, have developed a close relationship among the audience, politics and government. Undoubtedly the policy has become in one of the main topics on the daily programming of the news media. The Mexican news media have credibility and trust, 5 of 10 citizens believe that they remain reliable.

Mexico news

Mexican celebrations are showed live and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your house. The only thing that you have to do is check the local TV programming of you local channels or look on the internet.

Mexican media is one of the most recognized ways of communication in Latino America. Some of the most popular newspapers in Mexico are:
  • Reforma
  • El Universal
  • La Jornada
  • El Diario de Nuevo Laredo
  • El Economista
  • Excélsior
  • Frontera
  • Gringo Gazette
  • Herald Mexico
  • El Mañana
  • Cuarto Poder.
  • Diario Amanecer.
  • Diario de Mexico.
  • Diario de Morelos
  • El Debate
  • El Diario

Mexican newspapers online Most of them already have an online version. Some of the Mexican newspapers that you can find on internet are:
  • Amanecer
  • Cambio
  • Diario Puntal 
  • El Heraldo
  • El Sol de Toluca
  • Milenio Toluca 
  • Ocho Columnas
  • Diario Monitor
  • El Economista 
  • Diario de México
  • El Independiente
  • El Sol de México 
  • El Financiero
  • Esto-Excelsior
  • El Universal
  • La Afición
  • La Crisis 
  • Impacto
  • La Jornada
  • La Prensa 
  • La Crónica de Hoy
  • Milenio
  • Ovaciones
  • La Reforma
  • Uno Más Uno
  • El Diario de Morelos 
If you want to know more about Mexican newspapers online, you can use a media online directory where you can find newspapers, radios, televisions and magazines of Mexico and other countries.


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