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Eating & Drinking in Mexico City

In Mexico City is possible to enjoy almost any kind of food, both specialties from regional to international cuisine. Vegetarian options are generally offered in most larger restaurants. For those who want something familiar and safe (but perhaps rather bland in contrast to what else is offered), several international food chains have franchises.

Also is available to find Mexican chains that can be deduced to be secure and similar no matter where you are, including Vips, Toks, and the most customary, Sanborns. If you're on a budget, you can also test one of the numerous of "comida corrida" restaurants (set menus). Most of these offer excellent food, and it is generally secure. Most office workers eat in these places. Taste the tacos al pastor.

Maybe you want to try tortas (filled bread rolls) or tacos, there are stands selling these, but warning is advised since some places may not have the required hygiene. If you think like trying this, look for places with plenty of people, the fame is usually synonymous of quality.

If you want to try a quick snack you can taste a tamal offered on the street or specialized shops, accompanied by atole. Shopping malls will offer a respite of international franchises mixed with local chains that may offer interesting fare.

Eating in Mexico City

La Valentina - The quintessential corporate Mexican restaurant is La Valentina, which has three locations. (Tel : Polanco 5282-2297/2514; Insurgentes Sur 5662-0872, 5661-8401; and Interlomas 5290-3848, ext. 226)

Los Girasoles - Tacuba 8, This is one of the prettiest squares in the Americas, in the Historical Center. The setting is incredible and tourists will love being surrounded by some of the most impressive palaces this side of the Atlantic. (Tel : 5510-0630)

La Hacienda De Los Morales - Vázquez De Mella 525, In the Hacienda de los Morales you can taste delicious and traditional Mexican food like the "crepas de huitlacoche" and the "mole chicken", if you are such a newcomer that you don not know these dishes, try them, they are funky without being scary. (Tel : 5096-3054/55, 5096-3070)

De Cortés - Hotel De Cortés, Located in the historic Hotel de Cortes; has an informal ambience for a meal in a 17th Century courtyard. The ambience is fairly touristy, but the setting is attractive and could be nice for a late lunch.(Tel : 5518-2180)

Suntory - Montes Urales 535, This traditional Japanese place has delicious dishes to choose from, as well as the traditional Teppan Yaki, Sushi and Tempura. (Tel : 5520-4711)

Casa De Los Cantaros - Plateros 27 San José Insurgentes, This spectacular restaurant is located in a building that looks like a convent. It is elaborately decorated, with elements drawn from Mexico's traditions. (Tel : 123456)

Fonda El Refugio - Liverpool 166, in the Zona Rosa, it has been around for more than four decades. (Tel : 5207-2732, 5525-8128)

Tecamacharlie's - Fuente de Trevi 4, International food and it is part of the chain that has the Señor Frogs and Carlos & Charlie's restaurants in Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, etc. (Tel : 5293-0224/0366)

Bellinghausen - Londres 95, This restaurant has great International cuisine. The somewhat austere interior is in direct contrast to the exceptional food offered here. Try the steaks and seafood. (Tel : 5207-4978)

Drinking in Mexico City

Barracuda - Nuevo León 4, in the Condesa, it is the ever-popular offering live music on weekends, nice food, a hip crowd and lounge. (Tel : 5211-9346)

El Estribo - Vázquez de Mella 525, inside the Hacienda de los Morales, literally, "The Stirrup" bar, has one of the biggest selections of tequilas wherever (over 300). (Tel : 5281-4554)

Bar Fly - Plaza Mazarik, downstairs from the Valentina in Polanco, if you are in the mood for some Latin dancing with an older crowd. (Tel : 5282-2906)

Barraca Orraca - Insurgentes Sur 905, one of the most popular cantinas in Mexico City. (Tel : 5523-9169)

Cinna Bar - Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, next door to the Plaza Condesa cinema, is a very elegant new lounge bar. (Tel : 5553-0438)

El Celo 2000 - On Londres in the Zona Rosa, has a very lively gay scene and is one of the most popular and well-known gay bars in Mexico City. (Tel : 5514-4766)

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