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Getting Mexico City

Arrival and Leaving Mexico City

By Air

Several visitors arrive to Mexico City by air to the Benito Juárez International Airport, situated in the eastern part of the city. Before picking your baggage, you will go through Immigration, and then Customs. Make certain you fill in all forms prior to landing to make this an accelerate process. At the arrival foyer, be arranged to see several people. It is a tradition for families to receive their beloved ones at the airport and the foyer is rather minute for a city of its magnitude. There are people who will offer to carry your baggage. This is a service approved by the airport and it is safe; they will be wearing a uniform with white shirts, navy blue tie and dark blue pants, and will carry a wheelie (or keep it nearby) with the union logo on it, this service costs an average of 15-25 pesos but it is no a fixed price.

  • Benito Juárez International Airport (Tel: 55/5571-3600; 55/5784-0471 More Information
By Bus

Inside Mexico, buses are the most common way to travel: you can travel in ultramodern, deluxe motor coaches that show U.S. movies and serve soft drinks, coffee, and sandwiches. Almost every route has reserved seating. Reserved-seat tickets for main bus lines can be bought at Mexico City travel agencies, at bus stations, on the Internet, or by phone with a service called Ticketbus. Ticketbus trade tickets for the next lines: ADO, ADO-GL, AU, Primera Plus, Cristóbal Colón, ETN, Greyhound, Linea 1, Plus, and Estrella de Oro.

Bus Stations
  • Central de Autobuses del Norte - Av. Cien Metros 4907, Col. Magdalena de la Salina, Mexico City, Mexico. (Tel: 55/5587-1552)
  • Terminal de Autobuses del Oriente - Ignacio Zaragoza 200, Col. 7 de Julio, Mexico City, Mexico. (Tel: 55/5762-5977)
  • Central de Autobuses del Sur - Tasqueña 1320, Mexico City, Mexico. (Tel: 55/5689-9745 or 55/5689-4987)
  • Terminal de Autobuses del Poniente - Río Tacubaya and Sur 122, Col. Real del Monte, Mexico City, Mexico. (Tel: 55/5271-4519)

Get Around Mexico City

By Bus

The bus system of Mexico City is used by millions, just because it is not expensive, easy to use and goes everywhere. Tourism offices of this city give free bus-route maps. Generally you pay for this service is about 2.50 and 4 pesos (about 20-35¢), it depends of your destination; tell the chauffeur your destination when you boar a bus; he will tell you the cost of the service, which you pay directly. Make certain you have small change, at most a 10-peso (Avoid to show your wallet or your money on a bus).

By Metro

Metro or STC (Collective Transportation System) transports about 5 million passengers daily, it is one of best, most crowded, and most inexpensive transportation systems on the world, the service costs 2 pesos (about 20¢). Some stations are shopping centers. Even though you do not take a ride, visit the Zócalo station, which has large models of central Mexico City while three historic stages. Many stations have impermanent cultural displays, from archaeological treasures to contemporary art; in the Pino Suárez station you can find a small Aztec pyramid within, a astonish find for the duration of construction.

By Taxi

In Mexico City you can find taxis of several sizes and colours, Unmarked, or turismo, sedans with hooded meters are frequently parked out of major hotels and in tourist zones; between these, Servi-Taxis, Radio-Taxi, and Taxi-Mex, which accepts American Express, offer 24-hour service. Taxi drivers are allowed to charge 10% more at night, generally after 10.

Taxi Companies
  • Taxi-Mex - (Tel: 55/5519-7690)
  • Radio-Taxi - (Tel: 55/5566-0077)
  • Servi-Taxis - (Tel: 55/5271-2560)
  • Radio-Elite - (Tel: 55/5660-1122)
By Pesero

This was originally six-passenger sedans, now minibuses, Peseros operate on a number of flat routes and charge a fixed price. They are a good option to buses and taxis. Peseros pick up passengers at bus stops and outside almost all subway stations.

Rent a Car

It is generally not practical to rent a car for tour inside Mexico City, although it can be a good alternative for trips outside of the city. The rental companies showed below have offices at Benito Juárez.z International Airport.

Car Rental Companies
  • Budget - Campos Eliséos 204, Col. Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico. (Tel: 55/5566-6800)
  • Hertz - Versalles 6, Col. Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico. (Tel: 55/5762-8372)
  • Thrifty - Av. Paseo de la Reforma 322, Col. Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico. (Tel: 55/5207-2833)
  • Avis - Atenas 44, Col. Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico. (Tel: 55/5283-1112)
  • Alamo - Av. Paseo de la Reforma 157-B, Col. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico. (Tel: 55/5250-0055)

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