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Nightlife in Mexico City

Nightlife of México City is well-known as the most full of life of all Mexican cities; its nightlife is similar to all other aspects of the city; it's huge. There is a vast selection of venues: clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, and variations and combinations from this to decide from. There is unbelievable difference, from ultramodern lounges in Santa Fe and Reforma, to decades-old dance halls in Centro and Roma. There are also pubs in Tlalpan and Coyoacán and clubs of every stripe in Insurgentes, the Zona Rosa and Polanco.

Furthermore, when going out, verify the date, since this is a significant point of how full places will usually be, and how long can take you to get in. Salaries are frequently paid twice per month, the 30th/31st-1st, and the 14th-15th. On or immediately after these dates is when several Mexicans will go to dance or to drink, especially if pay day concur with a weekend.

The habitual last stop for nocturnal Mexican people is Plaza Garibaldi in Colonia Cuauhtémoc east of Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas, between República de Honduras and República de Perú. Here exuberant, mariachis meet to relax after evening performances. There are wander mariachis, as well as norteño (country-style) musicians and white-clad jarocho bands (Veracruz-style) peddling songs in the outdoor plaza, where you can also buy a beer and shots of tequila. Beware: is not recommendable the alcohol sold in the outdoor square, it can be of inferior quality.

Antros and Bars in Mexico City

  • AM (After Hours) - Nuevo Leon 67 - 2, Condesa, D3 (Tel 5286 8572 / 5553 0438 schedule Wed-Sat: 22-3:30 am)
  • Cinnabar (Bar) - Nuevo León 67, Condesa, D3 (Tel 5286 8456 schedule 13-24 hrs)
  • El Mitote (Tapas) - Amsterdam 53, Condesa, D3 (Tel 5211-9150 schedule 20-02 hrs)
  • Malafama Malafama (Bar-Billiards) - Michoacan 78, Condesa, D3 Tel 5553 5138 schedule 10am-1am)
  • Red Fly (Bar, mescaleria) - Orizaba 145, Col. Roma, D3 (Tel 1054 3616 / 1054 3617)
  • Rexo (Restaurante Bar) - Saltillo 1, Condesa, D3 (Tel 5553-5337 schedule 14-02 hrs)
  • Zinco (Jazz Club) - Motolinia 20, and 5 de mayo, Centro (Tel 5518 6963 schedule Thur-Sun, 21-00 hrs)

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