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Mexico Travel Guide

Languages in Mexico

You can travel to Mexico without speaking a word of Spanish, especially if you enter the tourist places of Mexico like archaeological parks, beach resorts, hotels and health spas; in these places the staff working for you will speak English to some degree, since knowing essential phrases to being pretty fluent.

Nevertheless, also you can find some places where you will have some problems with the language if you do not speak Spanish, principally in Mexico’s interior and outside of main cities, but it is not a general rule.

Mexico is one of the most developed Latin American countries, education nonetheless, is segregated by social class. One can see the members of wealthy families go to private schools and universities, while the children of poor families go to public schools and Universities, this due to their lack of money to pay the expensive public universities.

Spanish in Mexico

If you speak a little (even at a basic level) Spanish, you will get more from your experience when you want to enjoy Mexico's key attractions; the advantages to consider are a better contact with the local culture, customs and delights of the country; good reason for learning Spanish.

Obviously the Spanish in Mexico is comparable to the Spanish spoken in Spain, but the accent is dissimilar, and several words can vary considerably; however the basic language is the same. In verb tenses, the differences are quite large between Spanish spoken in Spain and Spanish spoken in Mexico. The Spanish conjugation has numerous irregular verbs in Spain. In mexico usually is used regular form or with minor variations. However, it is easier to understand if you spoke Spanish language in this country.

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