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Acapulco Travel Guide
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Acapulco Travel Guide

Acapulco was christened as “Santa Lucia”, is one of the principal tourist destinies on the world and it is the mayor Mexican sea port located in the state of Guerrero, southwest from Mexico, but its official name is “Acapulco de Juárez”.

You can admire in Acapulco a natural beauty environs; mountains give the access to the town, though not difficult to access particularly since the construction of a 2-km-long tunnel to the waterfront from the remote areas in the 1990s. An earlier effort to get the cooling sea breezes by cutting through the mountains a passage called the Abra de San Nicolas had some beneficial and comforting effect.

In the coordinates latitude 16.85° to the north and longitude 99.92° to the west is located Acapulco. According to the census of the year the 2005 municipality had 717 766 inhabitants, according to the INEGI in Acapulco is 24% of the population of Guerrero. Account with a territorial extension of 1.882,60 km ˛ what represents the 2,6% of the state surface and its coast (62 kilometers in length) occupies the 12,3% of the coast of the state.

Acapulco has been well known as a traveler's crossroads for at least a millennium. Its name is a Nahuatl word, meaning "plain of dense reeds". The earliest local remains, stone metates and pottery utensils, were left in the 3rd millennium BC. Much later, sophisticated artisans fashioned curvaceous female figurines. Other artifacts resemble those found in highland Mexico. Although influenced by Tarascan, Mixtec, Zapotec, and Aztec civilizations, sometimes paying tribute to them and frequented by their traders, Acapulco never came under their direct control, but instead remained subject to local caciques until the Spanish conquest.

The City of Acapulco
Acapulco harbor arises when Cortés arranges that the ship San Miguel and San Marcos, in Diego Hurtado de Mendoza’s authority, they go to explore the coasts of the Pacific Ocean. The villa or village that arises in consequence of this exploration, Acapulco did not have a similar birth to other populations.

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