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Eating & Drinking in Acapulco

Is not difficult to find a good restaurant in Acapulco, perhaps you do not know that this city has more restaurants than other popular vacation site in Mexico, dining in Acapulco is a pleasure with a lot of focused cuisines accessible you will find an amazing mixed of quality restaurants. Some of best international and Mexican foods are offered in Acapulco’s restaurants, and it is the reason for some high prices, but do not get angry or disappointed, there are many beautiful and good places to dine serving with an accessible prices.

Dining is usually casual, even though shorts and jeans are not permitted in some of the more exclusive restaurants. You'll be able to decide between restaurants with a reasonable price, American fast food outlets, and exclusive, refined dining which may require a reservation.

On Carretera Escénica (south side of the bay) is possible to enjoy of Señor Frogs, as one of the most popular place in Acapulco by their drink and great food, but the true reason for its popularity is that this place is perfect to enjoy the evening sunsets and a romantic outlook of the city, as it lights up for the night.

Eating in Acapulco

Señor Frog's - Señor Frog's is a party place; outside you will see signs that read "Drunk Crossing"; from that you can infer what this place is like.

Casanova - Excellent Italian food with a great view of the city.

Kookaburra - Also good food with a great view of the city.

La Perla - La Perla's claim to fame is that it provides a wonderful view of the cliff divers. A buffet breakfast is 110 pesos (roughly $11 gringo dollars) and includes Mexican breakfast specialties such as chilequiles (fried tortilla pieces with scrambled eggs and chilis), sopas, and chicharones, with yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit, tropical juices, Mexican pastellitas (little coffee cakes) and seasonal treats such as a whole roasted piglet. Before the divers' show, you stand a good chance of a getting a serenade from a wandering trio of mariachis. (Tipping recommended, and they also take requests.)

100% Natural - A Mexican chain of restaurants in many locations throughout the city, including the beach. They specialize in traditional Mexican food prepared with a healthy slant and different sorts of tropical and nutritional juice blends. A hearty, tasty breakfast ranges between 35 and 70 pesos, not including a juice drink. Very clean, with prompt service.

Drinking in Acapulco

Acapulco has become a favoured destination for spring breakers in few years, be aware that the fancier places may have long queues outside and will probably not allow you in if you wear shorts and/or sneakers.

El Alebrije claims to be the largest night club in Latin America, capable of holding over 5,000 people. The crowd is fairly young, around 18-25. Foam party on Fridays. Cover is $350 Pesos for men and $300 Pesos for women with a free open bar until 5am. Be prepared to tip if you plan on drinking heavily. If arriving by car, you can park in the Walmart 24 hour carpark just up the road and save on the valet parking charges.

Palladium is the other super club in Acapulco. It is located in Las Brisas, perched on top of a cliff overlooking Acapulco. The large panoramic glass wall which forms one side of the dancefloor is very impressive. Prices are about the same as in Alebrije, drinks included in the cover charge.

Baby'O is one of Acapulco's perennial favorites. Baby'O is by far the most luxurious (and expensive) club in Acapulco and is favored especially by the 18 to 35 set of Mexico City's upper-class. Here, you will be able to revel in luxury. Expect to pay at least a $250 pesos cover charge and $80-$150 pesos for a drink.

La Costera, Acapulco's main street along the coast, is full of bars and clubs:

Ibiza is a lounge club on the beach which is very pleasant and often frequented by locals. It plays mainly electronic music.

Disco Beach is very popular with foreign visitors and locals. Its main attraction is a dance floor fronting the Condesa beach (the main beach).

Barbarroja is a bar/club in the shape of an old pirate ship that caters mainly to the 30 and over crowd. Also conveniently located by the Condesa beach.

Andromedas, located right on the Costera avenue, is a good place to be if you like electronic music. Full of beautiful girls, according to reports, and it also features a scuba diver mermaid swimming in a large tank on the wall. Cover charge is $25 USD including drinks.

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