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Acapulco Travel Guide

Nightlife in Acapulco

After a beautiful sunset, an amazing and legendary Acapulco’s nights come alive. You need a lot of time to spend visiting some of the numerous possibilities of clubs, discotheques (all kind of music for all ages) and bars with wonderful ambiences, most of them are open until sunup, dancing or drinking at one of the hillside is a fantastic experience especially if it has a full view of the bay.

On the other hand, prices can go down if you bargain, mainly on weeknights and in the off-season when business is slow. This is especially effective for bigger groups. Look out, too, for "Ladies Free" nights, which, when offered at a place that usually has a "free bar", means women get in for about half price.

Bars in Acapulco

Before to go a bar you must consider that there are few bar with live music and sometimes suddenly spontaneous dancers make a curiously show in the center of the bar, there are many bars that are outdoors with an incredible full view of the bay
  • One Dollar Bar
  • Mangos
  • Siboney
  • Baby Lobster Bar
  • Yuppies Sports Bar
  • Crisis
  • Heaven Bar
  • Sky Garden

Discos in Acapulco

Acapulco is well-known just because some of the best discos in the world are in this amazing place, the Saturday nights or Friday nights are perfect to choose one and go to enjoy (several discos open from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am), the prices can sound expensive (USD$30-35 for men and USD$25-30 for women), but do not worry, “this includes all you can drink” (with some exceptions of curse), on the other hand, you try to consider that there are popular nightclubs for a seething mass, in places like this commonly the bar is crowded and the going out can take you a long time.
  • Palladium
  • Mandara (formerly Enigma)
  • El Alebrije
  • Baby'O
  • Ninas
  • Zucca
  • Disco Beach
  • NJoy

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