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Cancun Travel Guide

The City of Cancun

Barely 30 years ago was not more than a long virgin island, Cancun is not just a Mayan name, a deserted, sun-drenched island off the northeast tip of the Yucatan peninsula, the splendid resort city of Cancun now offers visitors over 25,000 rooms in four and five star hotels as well as all including everything accommodations that offer package deals including food, drink and rooms. Some hotels are internationally renowned, but there also small family style hotels that offer first class service and accommodations.

Cancun is not big; it is about 16 miles long and its highest point above sea level being 200 feet. The State of Quintana Roo is located 550 miles south of Miami, in the South-eastern part of Mexico. Along the coastline of about 540 miles, there are numerous coral islands and a reef barrier, the second largest in the world.

If you want tranquility, peaceful days to enjoy the sand and the sun, Cancun brags some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For those reasons who go out more for hours of daylight than night-time sports, Cancun, with its beaches of beautiful coral sand, is the place to be. Cancun is a perfect a snorkel and scuba diving paradise, the lagoon surrounded by the -L- shape of the island, is ideal for sailing and water-skiing. Deep-sea fishing and diving are extraordinary in the open-sea, which stretches out in shades of light-green to turquoise from the shore to the beautiful violet-blue line where the sky appears to meet the Earth.

The Hotel Zone of Cancun is upon the beautiful island of 22 Km of long, whose gorgeous main one are its long beaches of sands bathed all the year by brilliant water and a radiant sun; is limited by the peaceful Isla Mujeres, the deep Sea Caribe of water turquoise and the gap Nichupté, ideal to practice all kinds of aquatic sports.

Cancun Travel Guide
Cancun Travel Guide

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