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Cancun Travel Guide

Getting Cancun

In Cancun, the airport is located to the south, to the north is the city and in between are all the hotels, bars and beaches. The buses are cheap and you can take one on the main thoroughfare, sometimes it can be crowded, on the other hand taxis are abundant but a bit costly, taking a bus can be the best mode of transportation.

If you want to drive in Cancun, there are things that you have to consider, the police seem to pull tourists over at once. The car that you rent must be in best conditions, the light must be work correctly, do not be surprised if you are pulled over and punished for a light violation, it is simple but very important; hold your drivers license hostage, among other things, try to be careful and warned to go without problems.

From the Airport - The taxi fares are a bit expensive from the airport to the main hotel center, but exists a cheaper option; you can take one of the Airport Vans that carry 10 passengers and their baggage cozily, a local bus is another options, you will spend around 50 cents U.S. taking it.

Local Buses - The local buses offer a 24 hour service up and down the main Avenida Kukulcan; they are very cheap, very efficient and spotless, also you can take an executive style minibuses and vans.

Taxis - The Cancun’s taxis are a bit expensive, maybe because they work on a zone basis, and they are not metered, the best option are the local buses except if you have a big baggage.

Moped Rental - Moped can be unsafe for its speed, therefore, be careful if you want to transport in it, also you must consider another choices (open air Jeep for example) less dangerous, but costly.

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