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Cuernavaca Travel Guide
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Cuernavaca Travel Guide

Cuernavaca is situated about 85 km. (50 miles) south of Mexico City on the M-95 highway and is truly in the heart of Mexico, and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and culturally rich regions of the country. Cuernavaca is the capital city of the state of Morelos in Mexico. It is the municipal seat of the municipality of Cuernavaca.

Morelos joins numberless traditions and millenarian legends, on which the past joins with in practices religious and pagan rituals. The magical mountainous landscape receives Morelos visitors, it is the introducing of a town that lives intensely its roots in mystical populations that with indigenous communities and traditions astonish to the tourist at their celebrations; carnivals, crafts and the extraordinary capacities of traditional medicine and their temascales.

From always, Morelos has been recognized like one of the States with better environmental conditions, with a temperature average of between 18° and 23° during the year. Not in vain Cuernavaca, located in the extreme northwest of the state of Morelos, has consolidated as a resort destiny of first class for the visitors who coming from the Mexico city and the States of Mexico, Puebla and Guerrero mainly, just because the proximity of all these markets with the capital of the Country and getting the national and international recognition like the "City of the eternal spring".

Cuernavaca concentrates the greater percentage of bid and tourist resources in the State, which with the factors of the historical tradition; the ambiance has made it a Natural Destiny. The Spring Fair, is one of the traditional Mexico Fairs, and it has become a forced visit for a number more and more elevated of neighbors of the State of Morelos and the other States.

The City of Cuernavaca
Cuernavaca is a well-known vacation place for the visitors due to its friendly year-round climate, beautiful parks and gardens, as well as its convenient location within the country. This state capital comes to life on weekends, where local life is combined with the presence of the floating people that comes, mostly, from Mexico City. It's also home to many people from other countries that come to learn Spanish, and most young people will have a fairly big understanding of English because of this.

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