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Cuernavaca Travel Guide

The City of Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca is a well-known vacation place for the visitors due to its friendly year-round climate, beautiful parks and gardens, as well as its convenient location within the country. This state capital comes to life on weekends, where local life is combined with the presence of the floating people that comes, mostly, from Mexico City. It's also home to many people from other countries that come to learn Spanish, and most young people will have a fairly big understanding of English because of this.

Cuernavaca is a preferred spot for its historical richness, spectacular scenery, colorful life, and attractive climate. The terrain is hilly and the streets are narrow and quaint. An extensive variety of activities are possible with all of the normal services of a modern city. The city's bus system is inexpensive and easy to use. This condition has added historical value to the city.

This amazing city has ruins of ancient Aztec and Tlahuica cultures and of colonial buildings such as the Palacio de Cortés. Cuernavaca has historical sites from the Revolution, workshops of important artists, and more. Unfortunately, however, a rapidly-increasing population in the last couple of decades and a hugely-increased volume of traffic on the city’s streets has brought troubles of severe congestion and air contamination to large parts of the municipality.

Cuernavaca has a lot of language schools and has been sheltering tourists from around the world who want to learn Spanish, transportation by bus from Cuernavaca include very regular services to Mexico City (1.5 hours) and also services to Toluca, Puebla, Tepoztlan, Taxco, Acapulco and destinations throughout Morelos.

There are several gorgeous homes in Cuernavaca and also home tours to enjoy, this city is famous for its beautiful gardens, its historic buildings, free band concert in its central plaza, but you can amuse in the spas, hot springs, and its several golf courses in the area.

Some things to visit:
  • The cathedral is one of the oldest in Mexico.
  • There are Aztec ruins right in the city and more in the vicinity.
  • The shopping is superb.
  • Museums like a: Museo Casa de la Torre, the collection of American artist Robert Brady, and others.
  • The Borda Gardens date from the 1700s.

Cuernavaca Travel Guide
Cuernavaca Travel Guide

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