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Cuernavaca Travel Guide

Nightlife in Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca has a very interesting nightlife, there are many discos and nightclubs with a cosmopolitan ambiance or traditional, live music and friendly people, and you can find several options available to choose from.

Inasmuch as young people constitute most of the city's inhabitants, the entire city is seemingly partying all week long. Throughout the weekends, happiness and enjoyment increase up even more, offering great variety of possibilities to meet people from all over the world all over the city.

In the streets of Hidalgo and Galeana you will find la Plazuela del Zacate, a stretched street were most of the cantinas in the city are located. The youthful party hoppers bring together and spend the night at one of the several nightclubs and discos that play the latest hits. If these kind of rhythms are not like you or not are your style, there are other choices available, like salsa and tropical music. Cuernavaca has a little of everything to enjoy all night owls, and we can promise you that once in there, you will find a place of your choice to start the party.

Discos and Bars

  • El Alebrije : El Alebrije offers a brand new concept of nightclubs in Cuernavaca. This place plays great variety of music including rock in Spanish, salsa, merengue, hip-hop and pop from North America. (Location Av. Plan De Ayala #405 Col. Teopanzolco Tel 322-4282)

  • Mambo Cafe : This place is considered as one of the best places in Mexico with Latin, tropical and pop music concepts, Mambo Cafe simply offers the best salsa and merengue lessons all Wednesdays and Saturdays, but do not forget to get there on time or you might not be able to get in until the lessons are finished. (Location Vicente Guerrero with Nueva Italia Tel 311-54-86,313-58-13)

  • Taizz : In this place you will be able to dance all kind of music, since sounds of techno, pop, English and Spanish ballad songs. "This place gives you an atmosphere that mixes the new and good old days", the club's staff expresses. (Location #13 Chapultepec Col. Chapultepec Tel 315-40-60,315-43-88)

  • Zumbale : Zumbale has a tropical ambience and you can dance here until your body gives up. This is located at the famous Chapultepec hill. (Location Chapultepec #13 A Col. Chapultepec Tel 322-53-43,322-53-45)

  • Barbazul : Come by and experience why Barbazul remains being one of the most important nightclubs in Cuernavaca and Mexico for this long. It locates at San Jeronimo's neighborhood. (Location Prado #10 Col. La Pradera Tel 313-19-76)

  • Kaova : The structural design, details and good music played here will keep you stunned, either dancing or drinking one of the cocktails available while talking with your partner or friends. (Location Col. Centro #241 Morelos Av. Tel 318-43-80,314-18-16)

  • Harry's Grill (Bar) : The party gets extreme on Tuesday nights at Harry's, amazingly turning the place into a dancing paradise with people dancing on the chairs, aisles, handrails and everywhere in between. (Location Gutemberg # 5 Col. Centro Tel 312-7639, 312-7679)

  • Rumba : (Location Paseo del Conquistador #178 Col. Lomasc Tel 317-10-16)
  • Bongo : (Location Col. Manantiales Cuautla, #792 Reforma Av. Tel 735-34-87,735-34-740)
  • Samaná : (Location Col. Del Bosque, #133 Universidad Av. Tel 734 34 211 00 )
  • Barco Discotec : (Location Lago Tequesquitengo Tequesquitengo Tel 311-33-00)

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