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Getting Around Mexico: Hitching

It's possible to hitch your way around Mexico, but it can't be recommended - certainly not in the north. Lifts are relatively scarce, distances vast, risks high, and the roadside often a harsh environment if you get dropped at some obscure turn-off. You may also be harassed by the police. Many drivers - especially truck drivers - expect you to contribute to their expenses, which you may think rather defeats the object of hitching. In short, hitching is not safe: robbery is not uncommon, and women in particular (but also men) are advised not to hitch alone. You should wait to know where the driver is going before getting in, rather than stating your own destination first, sit by a door and keep your baggage to hand in case you need to leave in a hurry (feigned carsickness is one way to get a driver to stop). Particularly avoid areas frequented by bandidos.

That said, however, over short stretches, to get to villages where there's no bus or simply to while away the time spent waiting for one, you may find yourself hitching and you'll probably come across genuine friendliness and certainly meet people you wouldn't otherwise. It does help if your Spanish will stretch to a conversation

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