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Guadalajara Travel Guide
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Guadalajara Travel Guide

Guadalajara is a municipality and Mexican Capital of Jalisco State, similarly is the head of the metropolitan zone that takes its name; (Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara). It is located in the West of the Mexican Republic in the center region of the state of Jalisco, its territory is delimited to the north with Zapopan and Ixtlahuacán del Río, to the east with Tonalá and Zapotlanejo, to the south with Tlaquepaque and the west with Zapopan.

The Guadalajara word comes from the Arab word “Wad-al-hidjara”, that means “river that runs between stones”. It took his name from the native city of Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán, conqueror of this earth. This city was capital of the kingdom of the New Galicia. Guadalajara became State Capital of Jalisco the 27 of May of 1824 the 14 of February of 1542 settled the first City council of the present Guadalajara and his Majesty, the Emperor Carlos V of Germany and I of Spain granted the title to him of City and she granted his shield to him of arms, that until these days represents Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is one of cultural, industrial and economic seats more important of the country. It is well-known in the world by his traditions, their attractiveness cultural and recreational, and by its gastronomy. Whereas the contemporary Guadalajara is an economic pole like industrialist, commercial and of infrastructure of services in Mexico, also it has a legacy of four centuries and half of culture, visible in his architecture, folklore and traditions.

This city is considered like a city of world-wide class being denominated like Beta city with 7 points, over capitals like Ámsterdam, Barcelona, Rome and Vancouver. The city has been host of international events like the first Cumbre Iberoamericana en 1991, The Cumbre América Latina, The Caribe-Unión Europea en 2004, The Encuentro Internacional de Promotores y Gestores Culturales en 2005 and will be the seat of the Pan-American Games in 2011. Similarly was named American Capital of the Culture in 2005 and Educator City in 2006.

The City of Guadalajara
As the second major city in México and a population of over 3 million, Guadalajara is one of the highest growing metropolitan areas in the country. This growth has been conduced in part by the flourishing electronic industry in the cities industrial outskirts. Other significant and growing industries are pharmaceuticals, food processing, and fashion.

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