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Caba�as Cultural Institute

At the end of Plaza Tapatía and of a majestic way, sticks out the figure of the Hospicio Cabañas Building (before called: “House of Mercy”). In this Building is located the Cabañas Cultural Institute and it is recognized like the second most important manifestation of the neoclassic architecture in Mexico and center of a great artistic and cultural activity.

Different historical events have happened in their interior, from the same moment that Bishop Juan Cruz Ruiz de Cabañas y Crespo decided its foundation. Aside from Cabañas, there are two personages who give historical dimension and cultural value to the building: Tolsa and Orozco. No doubt, this is a great architectonic work of Guadalajara (Mexico). Its neoclassic style guard within it, great moments of history; for that reason, it was declared in 1997 Patrimony of the Humanity, by UNESCO.

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