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The Cathedral of Guadalajara

The Cathedral of Guadalajara is one of the representative symbols of the city, by the characteristic form of its bell towers “like headlong gannets”. Its construction was initiated by fray Pedro de Ayala in 1551, under the direction of the Master builder Martin Casillas, and it was concluded in 1618.

In its architecture dominates a mixture of eclectic styles where excels the Doric and Gothic forms, the central portal is made of quarry with three portals of Renaissance style with an arc of half point. The towers are supported in polygonal abutments and have arcs of half point of quarry and tezontle.

Between its more famous treasures are: the sculpture of the Virgin of the Rose, a gift of the Carlos V Emperor, an bicentennial organ that gives a special enhancement to the concerts that have taken place in this enclosure, an ivory Christ, other diverse sculptures and oils of Mexican artists, like Cabrera and Páez.

The history tells that this place refuged in its naves the men that fought for the independence of the country, The Cathedral of Guadalajara is placed in 16 de Setiembre Av. Between Morelos and Hidalgo (Centro Histórico of Guadalajara), Open its doors from 08:00am to 08:00pm.

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