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Guadalajara Travel Guide

The City of Guadalajara

As the second major city in México and a population of over 3 million, Guadalajara is one of the highest growing metropolitan areas in the country. This growth has been conduced in part by the flourishing electronic industry in the cities industrial outskirts. Other significant and growing industries are pharmaceuticals, food processing, and fashion.

Numerous districts conforms Guadalajara. The most important areas of interest to tourists are the Centro Historico and the Minerva - Chapultepec - Zona Rosa areas. These are situated on an East-West axis centered on Av. Vallarta (named Av. Juárez in the Centro Historico) and stretch from the Plaza Tapatía/Plaza Mariachis on the East side to the Fuente Minerva/Arcos Vallarta on the West side. Outside of the downtown area are three areas also of interest to the tourist: Tlaquepaque, Tonalá - located SE of the Centro and known for their handicraft shops and markets, and Zapopan - located NW of the Centro and famous as a site of pilgrimage and for it's old-town charm. Conveniently the 275-diagonal bus route runs from Tlaquepaque through the Centro to Zapopan, providing convenient access to all of these sites.

A resident of Guadalara is Tapatío. It is also a famous salsa. This is not a casualty. Alonso de Molina, a colonial era franciscan, argued that in Nahuatl the word meant "the cost of something purchased." On the other hand no one would call themselves that, and Nauhatl was never spoken in the region. Latter day etymologies have struggled to come up with any credible account. So one might as well just take it as a fact: natives of Guadalajara call themselves Tapatíos. Enjoy the people and their eponymous salsa, and do not ask too many questions.

Guadalajara Travel Guide
Guadalajara Travel Guide

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