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Mariachis, Tequila and Charrer�a

No Mexican drink is as well-known as the Tequila; the Charrería is synonymous of tradition and fondness to horse in this earth, but no doubt, the music that anyone identifies with Mexico around the world is the Mariachi.

These three pillars of the Mexican identity meet in the "Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y la Charrería", the music of the mariachi, the tequila and charrería are symbols of Mexico in the world, and the encounter of the mariachi conjugates them, of an incredible way when giving rise to events like Tequila Express, Festivities of the mariachi and National Championship Charro. The woman also is part of the meeting, with the contest of Ambassador of the Mariachi, who becomes within the ideal framework to display the modern Mexican woman, beautiful as he is.

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