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Guadalajara Travel Guide

Nightlife in Guadalajara

Mexico has a great nightlife, and of course Guadalajara is not an exception, this city is the most conservative and traditional place, also is known as the cradle of the mariachis and charros, those brave horseman who wear wide-brimmed hat called jarano, and beautiful girls to “la danza de los sombreros” (hat dance) that is originated here.

The Guadalajara’s nightlife is sprightly, diverse and practically begins the Thursdays, the reason for that is maybe because there are a lot of students and young people, this atmosphere is decorated with parks, gardens and small squares, and the downtown maintains the architecture of the Spanish colonization.

Guadalajara offers a lot of opportunities for the entertainment, party and fun. When the night comes alive, Guadalajara turns into a great city with a large variety of places for gathering with friends or family, since small clubs, several restaurants and bars, most of them have night entertainment.

You can choose from piano bars, jazz, blues, rock and disco, on the other hand, you can find where to dance, there are a lot of alternatives, and make sure that the amusement continues until the first light of day.

Bars, Discos and Nightclubs in Guadalajara

  • Lobby Bar - Av. Aurelio Aceves 225, Guadalajara. Lobby Bar has live entertainment, usually Jazz. (Tel: 33/3818-1400)
  • Nightlife & the Arts - Calle 16 de Septiembre 124, Ajijic. It is open all week, excepts on Monday, La Bodega has dancing Friday and Sunday, and live guitar or trio music performing the rest of the week (Tel: 376/766-1002)
  • El Mito - Centro Magno mall, Av. Vallarta 2425, 2nd fl., Guadalajara. Over 25 People clothed fancily frequent El Mito, there are '70s and '80s music, open from 10pm to 4am. (Tel: 33/3615-7246)
  • Cubilete - General Río Seco 9, Guadalajara. Cubiliete has tropical music Wednesday through Saturday after 10. (Tel: 33/3613-2096)
  • Plaza de Armas - Av. Corona between Calle Morelos and Pedro Moreno, across from Palacio de Gobierno, Guadalajara. In this place frequently performs local bands like The State Band of Jalisco and the Municipal Band, Tuesdays around 6:30 PM.

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