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Insurance in Mexico

All to often we speak with insurances consumers that don't fully understand the industry or the products that are available. Consumers understand deductibles and generally co insurance percentages if they have any and the rest is somewhat of a mystery.
To educate and give you non biased information on Life, Auto, and Homeowners Insurance. Hopefully, we will shed some light on some questions you may have and give you information you didn't even know you needed.

It's very important to understand what your buying or what kind of policy you already have. It's pretty regular we see people who couldn't even tell what deductible they have on their current policy. A lot of consumers purchase an insurance policy and when it comes in the mail, it gets filed away and never even looked at.

It's very important you review all insurance policies for accuracy. Accuracy on your information you gave the agent and information you were given at the time of purchase. Make sure the policy is what you remember buying. We've heard of cases where the policy arrived totally different from what the individual thought they were buying. That's why it's good to check these things out.

We sincerely thank you for stopping by and hope you find information that will help you when you need it.

Home Insurance

Home insurance breaks down into two distinct types: buildings insurance and contents insurance. You can buy a single policy that covers you for both, but it’s best to treat them as two separate policies: the cheapest insurer on the house might not be the cheapest for the contents.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance is which protects the insured against losses involving the use of automobiles. Various coverages may be bought depending on the desires of the insured. Such coverages include the liability coverages of bodily injury, property damage, and medical payments, and the physical damage coverages of collision and comprehensive.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is bought by someone in order to protect his or her family in case of death. This may be mainly bought by people who are the sole breadwinners of the family: without that money in the event of that person's death, the family couldn't survive. However, not many people truly know how life insurance policies work. Many people don't believe they can afford any life insurance and a few see it as an unneeded cost.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers a number of possible mishaps that can occur on the road. Peace of mind comes from knowing that if one experiences terrorism, a need for medical attention, emergency evacuation, or bankruptcy of a trip organizer, there will be recourse. Travel should be about wonder and delight, not anxiety and lost funds.

Health Insurance

It's a fact of life — you need health insurance — and the time to get it is before you have an accident, suffer a serious illness, or discover you're pregnant. Insurance doesn't cover health care for medical problems or conditions that start before the moment you have your policy. Finding adequate coverage may seem overwhelming, but knowing the basics can help make your search less stressful.

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