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Merida Travel Guide
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Merida Travel Guide

Yucatán is a state in the Yucatán Peninsula, with its seaboard in front of the Gulf of Mexico. The term The Yucatán refers to the three states on the peninsula: Yucatán, Campeche, and Quintana Roo; all three modern states were formerly part of the larger historic state of Yucatán in the 19th century. The state capital of Yucatán is Mérida. It is where the Chicxulub Crater is situated, buried under the Peninsula.

Experts say that this crater which dates back approx. 65 million years from the Earth's collision with a meteorite is implicated with the extinction of dinosaurs. In the late 1800’s Henequen cactus was the “green gold’’ of Yucatan and was responsible for much of the riches of Yucatan. Henequen made Yucatan into one of Mexico’s richest States. Nowadays, one can still visit some of the henequen producing haciendas that reflect this wealth.

Yucatan is home of archaeological sites like Chichén Itzá, the most important of this Mayan area between 750 and 1200 d.C. ; Uxmal, Dzibilchaltun, the caves of Lol-Tun and Balankanché; as well as the colonial town of Izamal. In the caves and the main ruins, like Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, incredible spectacles of Light and Sound can be appraised that heighten the beauty of these ancestral wonders.

Yucatan is a place of friendly people, and a good alternative to enjoy the Maya culture, take pleasure in gorgeous sandy beaches, underground rivers and cenotes, visit many ancient Maya archaeological sites, or flavor a great meal. Most people speak Maya and Spanish; English and German are also usually spoken at tourist sites.

The City of Merida
Merida is the capital of the state of Yucatan in Mexico. It has a population of about 750,000 and is known as “White City”, there are many explanations, but the most accepted is because of the large use of white limestone and white paint this traditional city depicts much of the splendor of Colonial Mexico. This is by no means to say that Merida still exists in a time warp and the opposing could be said. There is old and contemporary exhibited in everything from fashion to architecture.

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