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Merida Travel Guide

The best of Merida

Visit Mérida means to begin a very pleasurable adventure, the places to visit offers beautiful attractions to diverse interests, tastes, ages and genres; because Mérida has great variety of tourist resorts that are recognized world-wide. This place is only one minimum sign of everything that a city as Mérida can offer you in exchange for visiting it.

You have to visit the following attractions in the city:

The Equinox in Yucatan

The Mayans had two calendars: the Tzolkín or sacred (sagrado in Spanish) and the Haab or civil. To each day of the Tzolkín calendar corresponds one of the Haab calendar, this combination was known like the “fecha de la rueda calendárica”. This determined the holidays, like the descent of the God Kukulcán, in the Castle of Chichén Itzá, Yucatan. (phenomenon known like the equinox, that happens two times in a year: in the spring, the 21 of March and the 23 of September in autumn). (Source: Newspaper of Yucatan).

Chichén Itzá

Perhaps the most beautiful tourist places of Mérida and Yucatan, Chichén Itzá is located 120 km to the East of Mérida and 190 km to the West of Cancún. The Mayan is probably the most famous of the classic civilizations of Mesoamérica. The reason why this civilization collapsed continues being a mystery. Chichén Itzá is one of the sites more visited by its extraordinary architectonic beauty and its geographic location.

The monumental pyramid Kukulkán called “the Castle” is located in the middle of the archaeological site. To scale it is a true challenge, and who obtain that is rewarded with a spectacular view of the city and its environs; inside of the pyramid is totally the opposite thing, the darkness, the narrows and humid corridors, and the cameras, are too much for some people.

The construction of the Kukulkán pyramid was planned so that each equinox of spring, the last sun rays project the shade of a serpent lowering the steps of the pyramid; while in the fall equinox, the shade of the serpent raises. These events mark the warm and cold stations. Each year, near 40.000 people make a trip to the great pyramid to observe with admiration as it appears slowly the sparkling body of the serpent.


The life in Yucatan would not be same without “The Cenotes”, millenarian subterranean rivers with clear water that motivate to the adventure and comfort of the body when we sank in them. All are not crystalline and recommendable for dunking, the nature has reserved some of them for the fauna, specially bats, generally has difficult access and are dangerous.

In the environs of Mérida and in the own city exist infinity of Cenotes, one of the most beautiful is one in the archaeological site of Dzibilchaltún, with opened sky and crystalline waters. Legends, romance and brave feats resonate in the humid walls of the hidden Cenotes to the solar light, and so that the tourist accedes to them is necessary to have an expert guide. One thinks that the Cenotes were used in the antiquity to extract the Zuhuy há, virgin water in Mayan, to prepare foods destined to certain ceremonies, for example the Cha chaac, ritual for the rain request, in which is necessary to have pure water that it has not been seen by anybody.


The name of Uxmal means constructed three times in Mayan, making allusion to the building of its higher structure, the Pyramid of Adivino. The Mayans commonly constructed a new temple over another already existing one, but in the case of this structure, there is evidence of until five stages. Uxmal was one of the greatest cities of the Yucatan Peninsula, and in his apogee, it was the home of near 25.000 Mayans. It is located to 78 km to the south of the city of Mérida.

Uxmal is one of the most visited tourist places in Mérida and Yucatan, one of the archaeological Mayan sites more recognized, described by many archaeologists like finest. Although the site is not large, you should pass least noon in his first visit, after it, probably you will want to return once again to see the place with more detail.

The facilities in the access area are excellent, there are cafeterias, gift shops, as well as a museum and an audience.


Yucatan has 360 kilometers of coast. The Progreso Harbor, located to the north of Mérida, is to only 20 minutes in freeway. This beautiful Port, with permanent fishing and customs activity, receives transatlantic boats. The pier invites to the full relaxation and the spreading in its restaurants and bars. The Progreso Harbor welcomes in the visitor with the characteristic warm reception of the yucatecos.

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