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The Best of Mexico City

The best of Mexico City features culture, history and amusement for kids. Mexico City has unique monuments and scenes that confront the passage of the years. Coyoacan, Xochimilco, Chapultepec or San Angel are part of Mexico City attractiveness and present pleasure for the whole family.

Is placed a mile approximately to the east of San Ángel and this place transports to Mexico City's colonial days. The place has strong Pre-Columbian ties, and was occupied by some 6,000 houses when the colonizers arrived.

Hire a boat and tour the Xochimilco canals, which offer a glimpse of Mexico's marshy, pre-Columbian topography - and there's no need to pack a lunch as everything from tacos to a live mariachi band can be bought or hired from passing canoes.

The Zocalo
The Zocalo was Build by the Spaniards over the ruins of the Aztec's major temple complex; this place is the third biggest square in the world. For some centuries it has been a place for meting and center for spiritual and political demonstrations and festivities.

Situated in “Bosque de Chapultepec”, It has rollercoasters and rides for people of all ages; and also la Feria present sea shows and a good array of restaurant to choose. The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday and it's considered on of the best Mexico City attractions.

Paseo De La Reforma
This splendid boulevard was built in the prevailing of Emperor Maximilian, the boulevard was planned to attach the Emperor's house at Chapultepec Castle with the Zócalo.

Chapultepec Park
This place has a lot of cultural and leisure magnetism spanning 3,281 sq miles. Fascinatingly, the park has been opened about 500. People who come here can enjoy five of the best museums in Mexico, a zoo with pandas, two lakes, an amusement park with one of the biggest roller coasters on the world, a botanical garden, a tiny railroad, excellent restaurants, and kilometers of quiet walkways.

National Museum of Anthropology
In this place you will see Millar of artifacts, since colossal Olmec stone heads, burial tombs, delicate pottery and ceramics, the prominent Aztec Calendar Stone, and a rebuilt Mayan temple.

Chapultepec Castle
Begun in 1785 atop a 200-foot-high hill, it was originally intended to be a weekend retreat for Spanish viceroys. Upon completion in 1841 it became a military academy which earned infamy as the last stronghold against the U.S. invasion in 1847. Maximilian converted the castle into his private residence in 1864, and it later served as home to Mexican presidents until 1940.

Museo Papalote
It was opened in late 1993, and situated across from Mexico's presidential mansion (Los Pinos), the touch-and-do children's museum is being acclaimed as one of the best on the world. Housed in a brightly tiled cluster of curiously shaped buildings and spanning 33,000 sq. ft., the museum has a five story maze, an huge musical keyboard (like in the movie "Big"), and hundreds of exhibits for the children.

Chapultepec Park Zoo
This is considered the best Latin American zoo. It has 1,300 animals with about 220 species housed in proper habitat for its animals. The Chapultepec Park Zoo hosts a family of five Chinese panda bears. There is also an aviary and a rare black rhinoceros. Access is free and is closed on Mondays.

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