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Sports in Mexico City

Similar to the majority countries of the world, soccer is the most popular in Mexico City and the Azteca is one of the biggest stadiums in the world if you want to see a game. Also, there is horse racing, all year (afternoons: Tues, Thurs & Sat & Sun) at the Hipodromo de las Americas: buses and peseros heading west on Reforma will take you there - look for "Hipodromo". More thrilling horsey action is involved in the charreadas, or rodeos, put on by amateur but highly skilled aficionados most weekends, primarily at the Rancho del Charro , Constituyentes 500 (tel 5277-8706), close to the third section of Chapultepec Park: check the press to find out what's going on.

Nevertheless, if you want to see a sport that is a little more of a cultural sense, bullfight can be a good alternative. WARNING: this sport is controversial and is not for everybody.

Extreme sports
Near the City are large wooded zones that will give you the opportunity to practice activities like the mountain biking, with routes that are a really challenge as much for novices as for experts. With the aid of a guide, he will put your skill to overcome the obstacles on the way and to reach the goal with great satisfaction.

  • Valley of Monte Alegre. - Located to the southwest of the City of Mexico, in the Ecological Park San Nicholas Totolapan, km 11.5 of road Picacho- Ajusco, Delegación Magdalena Contreras, is considered a paradise for the cyclists, the “Downhill” can be practiced here. The circuit offers levels for novices, intervals and experts; it is possible to prove your abilities in areas like the deposit of trouts, the Way of the Virgin or the Barranca of the Lion, designed specially for each level.

  • Cultural and recreative park Desierto de los Leones. - It is located to the west of the City of Mexico, in Old Way to the Desierto de los Leones (Desert of the Lions) s/n, Colonia Parque Nacional Valle de las Monjas (Colony National Park Valley of the Nuns), on the highway Nº 15 Mexico-Toluca. It is one of the more important natural reserves of the City, it counts on an ample population of encinos, pines and oyameles, on hills, gorges and innumerable springs and brooks. It has with 25 km of footpaths and slopes that can be crossed in bicycle from the old Carmelita convent to the town of San Miguel, passing through the Cerro del Triangulo (Hill of the Triangle).

  • National park Cumbres del Ajusco. - It is located to the southwest of the City of Mexico, in Periferico Sur Av. s/n, km 22 of the highway to the Ajusco, Tlalpan Delegation. Considered like one of the visited natural areas more of the City, this park offers several routes to practice the mountain cycling, distinguishing a circuit of 28 km, that leaves from the town of the Capulín in the direction of the surroundings of Xitle volcano, where it part in two footpaths that border an extraordinary canyon until arriving at the dry lagoon of Quila. Here also is possible to practice the “Downhill” in the town of Huitzilac, adjacent with the state of Morelos.


The City of Mexico has excellent golf courses that offer the best services and plenty facilities, and you will be able to practice this exclusive sport, while you enjoy the pleasant climate of the city.

  • Country Club of the Mexico City. - It is located in Calzada de Tlalpan Nº 1978, Country Club Colony. Its field is oldest established in the country; it has 18 holes, pair 72. (Tel: (55) 5549 3040 and (55) 5689 8301)

  • Chapultepec Country Club. - It is located in Conscripto Av. Nº 425. Lomas Hipódromo Colony, Naucalpan, State of Mexico. It has 18 holes, pair 72. (Tel.: (55) 5589 1200)

Sporty Places

The City of Mexico is the capital of the culture, the sports and the entertainment of the country. For that reason it has a great variety of places in which it could be present from concerts, plays, exhibitions and presentations of books, to soccer matches, bullfights, and other exciting sport events. Some of the most important are:

  • Hermanos Rodríguez Racetrack - It is located to the east of the city, between Viaducto Río Piedad Av. and Río ChurubuscoAv., within the Magdalena Mixhiuca Sport City, Delegación Iztacalco. There take place important automobile races like the Cart Series, among others.

  • Monumental Mexico Bullring - It is located in center of the city, in Augusto Rodin St. Nº 241, Delegation Benito Juárez. The fans of bullfighting will be happy to visit this great enclosure that allows almost 50.000 spectators, and great exponents of international bullfighting demonstrated its skills in this place, like Silverio Perez, Manuel Rodriguez “Manolete”, Eloy Cavazos, Eulalio Lopez “Zotoluco”, Enrique Ponce and Julian Lopez “the Juli”.

  • Americas Hippodrome - It is located to the west of the city, in Industria Militar Av. s/n, Delegation Miguel Hidalgo. It has restaurants, halls for events and center of exhibitions, and opened all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 14:30 hrs.

  • Estadio Azteca - It is located in the south of the city, in Calzada de Tlalpan Nº 3465, Tlalpan Delegation. It is greater soccer stadium of Mexico, with capacity for 110.000 people. It has been scene of two World Cups, football match, box fights, and an event of motocross and until scene of concerts of international artists.

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