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The Media in Mexico

Mexico has a reasonably efficient communication system with good telephone, internet and postal services; however, if you do not want to have problems, you need to know some important tips.

Telephone & Fax in Mexico
Telephone system in Mexico can be relatively slow, but it is acceptable; telephone numbers in Mexico have 10 digits, 2 of them for city code (area code), Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara, and 3 digits for the rest cities; to make a local call, you do not need to dial the city code (or area code). The country code for Mexico is 52.

This is a good example about the steps of a call from United Stated to Mexico

  • Dial the international access code: 011.
  • Dial the Mexico’s country code: 52.
  • Finally, dial the telephone number of 7 or 8 digits, as the case may be. For instance, if you are trying to call the U.S. consulate in Acapulco, you have to dial 011-52-744-469-0556, otherwise, to call the U.S. embassy in Mexico City, you should dial 011-52-55-5209-9100.

International calls: If you make an international call from Mexico, first dial 00 and then the country code finally the city or area code. For instance, if you want to call the British Embassy in Washington, you should dial 00-1-202-588-7800.

For directory assistance: 040 (if you want to get a specific number inside Mexico)
For operator assistance: 090 (if you need help with an international call)
For operator assistance: 020 (if you need help to call a number in Mexico)

Internet Access in Mexico

In Mexico are extended the High Speed internet lines (ADSL) and there are several cybercafés, most frequently in large cities and resort areas, numerous hotels at present offer business centers or some specific sector with Internet access. Cybercafés are so common in destinations that are popular.


There is a post office (Oficina de Correos) in almost each town and in every city in Mexico; you can buy stamps from post offices or stamp machines, situated outside the post offices, at bus stations, airports and some commercial establishments. However, the cost to send a package can not be quite cheap, when you send a postal, you will pay for the service a charge of $8 per kilo (2.2 lb.)M always be careful sending important things.

Newspapers & Magazines in Mexico

At the present time, there is no national newspaper in English language, but you can find good information.

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