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Sports in Mexico

Mexico gives the opportunity to enjoy several activities; of course, your destination will determine the type of activities that are locally available. Like in several countries in the world, soccer or fútbol is the most popular sport in Mexico, but if you do not like this, don’t worry, there are a lot of other alternatives, for instance water sports, Mexico has an enormous coastal area that allows visitors to practice several water sports; if you like sailing or yachting, you will find an ideal sport for your dream holiday.

Because its size and variety of ecosystems, Mexico has irresistible geographies favourable to the practice of hiking or trekking, mountaineering, canyoning, climbing and rappelling, mountain biking, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, water skiing , canoeing, kayaking, sailing, hang gliding, paragliding, horseback riding, balloon flights, bungee, and other options.

Hiking and trekking in Mexico
The hiking and trekking have become popular sports in Mexico, just because its attractive outstanding abysmal routes, narrow paths are very irresistible for walkers. Being surrounded by a beautiful valley, the Mexican capital has several routes.

Mountaineering in Mexico
Mexico has several mountains; it means a series of destinations ideal for the training of this activity, for instance, in Guadalajara is the Tequila Volcano, at 2940 metres above sea level, is on the border of the same name town, famed for being the origin of the famous Mexican beverage.

Climbing in Mexico
If you love these emotions, you will feel at home in Mexico City, because there are several places with natural and artificial rock, able to test to beginners and experts; you can try the many peaks and volcanoes of Mexico.

Scuba diving in Mexico
There are excellent sites in the Yucatan's Caribbean coast, Cozumel is the most popular; the reefs here are considered among the top diving destinations in the world; but this is not the unique place, you can also try Pacific coast at Puerto Vallarta and off Baja in the Sea of Cortez. Cenotes are another suitable alternative.

Kayaking in Mexico
Try Cabo San Lucas to La Paz, and also in the north the Sea of Cortez is a sea kayaker's fantasy. It has several tiny coves and extraordinary inlets to pull into and discover, under the watchful gaze of sea lions and dolphins.

Football in Mexico
The Estadio Azteca (Calz. de Tlalpan 3465, Tlalpan. 55/5617-8080) is the second largest in Latin America and home of the Aguilas de América, one of Mexico's top fútbol teams. Usually you can get tickets outside of the stadiums, but for more important games, buy tickets a week in advance.

Ski Resorts in Mexico

A ski area is a developed recreational facility, usually on a mountain or large hill, containing ski trails and vital supporting services. It is common for a ski area to have food, rental equipment, Ski Lessons, parking facilities and a ski lift system catering to the sports of skiing and snowboarding. Normally located in high mountain areas (or at least on well-built-up hills) for adequate snow coverage, they have become ubiquitous in areas where skiing is a popular pastime. The paths are usually marked and known as runs, trails or pistes. Ski areas typically have one or more chair lifts for moving skiers rapidly to the top of hills, and to interconnect the various pistes. Rope tows can also be used on short slopes (usually beginner hills or bunny slopes). Larger ski areas may use gondolas or aerial trams for transportation across longer distances within the ski area.

A ski resort is a ski area plus amenities to make it a destination resort. This includes accommodations and other amenities adjacent to the ski area. Some Ski Resorts and Ski Schools offer lodging options on the slopes themselves, with ski-in and ski-out access allowing guests to ski right up to the door. Ski resorts often have other activities, such as snowmobiling, sledding, horse-drawn sleds, dog-sledding, ice-skating, indoor or outdoor swimming, and hottubbing, game rooms, and local forms of entertainment, such as clubs, cinema, theatre and cabarets. Ski resorts may be self-contained and entirely devoted to ski tourism, or they may be near a village or town that had a significant existence before the ski resort was built.

Marinas in Mexico

A marina is a sheltered harbor where boats and yachts are kept in the water and where services geared to the needs of recreational boating are found.

The marinas may have re-fueling, washing and repair facilities, ship chandlers, stores and restaurants. Slipways are used to get a trailered boat into the water. Marinas may offer a boat hoist well, a type of traveling crane, instead of a more space-wasteful slipway, operated by service center personnel. Marinas may offer out-of-water-storage, which is useful out of season and important in latitudes susceptible to freezing waters. Marinas may include ground facilities such as parking lots for vehicles and boat trailers.

Boats are moored either or on buoys or on fixed or floating walkways that are tied to an anchoring piling by a roller or ring mechanism (floating docks or pontoons). Buoys are cheaper to rent but less convenient than being able to walk from land to boat. Harbor shuttles, also known as "water taxis", may be available to transfer people between the shore and boats moored on buoys. The alternative is a tender such as an inflatable boat. Facilities offering fuel, boat ramps and stores will normally have a common-use dock set aside for such short term parking needs. And Boats. In regions where the tidal range is large, some marinas use locks to maintain the water level for several hours before and after low water.

Marinas may be owned and operated by a private club, especially yacht clubs - but also as private enterprises or municipal facilities. They are most frequently located along the banks of rivers connecting to lakes or seas and may be inland, sometimes up to as much as twenty-five kilometers) from the river's mouth.

A marina will charge fees for most services. Fee-based services like parking, picnic area, pub, and club-house for a shower, are usually included as part of any monthly long-term rental agreement package. Visiting yachtsmen usually have the option of buying each amenity from a fixed schedule of fees, and arrangements can be as wide as a single use, such as a shower, or several weeks of temporary berthing. The right to use the facilities is frequently extended at overnight or period rates to visiting yachtsmen.

Diving schools

Diving schools in Mexico

If you are an adventure seeker, an explorer or simply love being in the water, training from diving schools can help get you started on an exciting and diverse career in commercial diving. No prior diving experience is necessary and many diving schools can have you trained and ready to begin your underwater adventures in as little as five months!

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