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Moving to Mexico

Moving to a new house is a time of pressure with so much in mind concerning a new job, dealing with paper work, working with movers and so on. It is impossible to remember everything. Organization is the key for a smooth move and this is the time to start getting the details..

In today's global village it is becoming more and more common for people to relocate overseas. Many moving companies have sites in more than one country and regularly transfer employees from site to site. Some people move for a year or two and others moving for a much longer period for time, some even permanently. This relatively new market is also what is driving top line growth in many moving companies and is allowing them to offer competitive rates.

The Quality of service in an international move should be the primary motivator in deciding what company to utilize, not price.

Moving abroad brings with it excitement as well as anticipation. In order to reduce the anticipation to a manageable level and enjoy the excitement, be sure to plan well in advance and do your homework about the new country as thoroughly as possible. You local library, bookstore and of course the internet will have lots of useful information on what to expect. Even if you have visited the country in the past, living in another country brings with it a whole new set of issues you will need to get your arms around.


Moving is more than just packing all of your things in cardboard and putting them in another location. Moving is about leaving a place and its memories and going to a new environment and being around new people. This process can become stressful and overwhelming.

Moving your home can become stressful if things are not planned well in advance. There are always some tasks that must be carried out at least a week in advance of the moving out date. Every individual has different priorities, and the moving is no exception to this rule. This makes it hard to make a generic Top 10 list, but a checklist of ten major things is just as handy.
  • It's always a good idea to have some important phone numbers handy. These include people you may know in your new neighborhood, local authorities, and other major public services. This will help you if any unforeseeable circumstances occur.
  • At least a week prior to moving, notify all major institutions you have to deal with about your address change. This would include tax offices, banks, and immigration offices.
  • Make sure all utility bills such as phones, electricity, water, and etc are paid off before you move.
  • Put valuables such as jewelry and important documentation such as passports, financial documents, and legal papers in bank deposits to guarantee their safety.
  • On the day of the move, it is a good idea to organize for pet care services for pets as well as child care for the children.
  • Inform the children's' old school about the move in advance. Make sure the children are admitted to the new school as soon as possible
  • Be certain that you have bought enough insurance to keep your important goods safe during the moving process.
  • Any essential medication or prescriptions needed should be obtained well before moving for the health and well being of your family.
  • On moving day, try to cook things that are simple and easy to cook. They should not require many utensils or cooking supplies. Sandwiches are ideal.
  • Always have a list of the boxes and bags packed. Make sure the bags are clearly labeled. Preparing a list for one's possessions that clearly defines all that is packed into each box or bag helps you know the importance of the boxes. This way, you would know what to open immediately and what you can delay opening.

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