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La Guelaguetza

The celebration to the Goddess of the Maize was transformed by Christian control into “Monday of the Hill” (Lunes del Cerro) and from 1951 this festivity adopt the popular term of the “Guelaguetza”, because the regional delegations are used to bring, to give between the public, traditional products (fruits, drinks and regional flowers), in addition to offer up to the spectators their music and their dances. Since then, the dances and the gifts constitute the main spectacle of the festivities of “Monday of the Hill”, and the word “Guelaguetza” identifies to the set of activities celebrated during First and the Second Monday of the Hill.

In the Hill of the Bunker (“Cerro del Fortín”, located to the northwest of downtown of Oaxaca, to 2 kilometers) and with a great theater in the open air, both Mondays of the Hill are the more beautiful, important and spectacular indigenous celebrations of the country. In both last Mondays of July, folkloric groups arrive from all the regions of the state to show their music and dances. Part of these festivities, since 1968 each delegation presents a candidate to the title of “Centeótl Goddess” (Diosa Centeótl), in memory to the maiden sacrificed so that its town obtained the grace of the Gods. The elected is crowned publicly and presides the festivities.

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