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Mitla is a archaeological zone located in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The word mitla is of Nahuatl origin and derives from the word Mictlán, that means “Place of deads” or “Infraworld”. In Zapotec language the place denominates lyobaa, it means “Place of repose”. The city is located to 40 km of the city of Oaxaca. The Spaniards wanted to destroy it but the architect Leopoldo arrived and he prevented it.

In Mitla there are evidences of human occupation from the beginning of ours era (year 0 to 200). Before the disappearance of Monte Albán as power nucleus, Mitla became a very important population that functioned as the power centre for the Zapotecas of the valley. Its maximum growth and apogee happened between 950 and 1521.

The archaeological zone includes five sets of monumental architecture: Group of the North; Group of the Columns; Group of Adobe or the Calvario; Group of the Stream (Arroyo) and Group of the South. The sets of Adobe or Calvario and the South, was built in a previous period, show the tradition of plazas, surrounded by palaces on platforms, in the style of Monte Albán.

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