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Employment in Mexico

Overpopulation in Mexico causes unemployment. There aren't enough job sources in Mexico, so only the most prepared people get a job. This is a great social and economic problem because people who don't work get frustrated and can't support their families. According to statistics, employment rate is only 60% out of the entire working-age population, because many people are inactive or are not even incorporated in the labor market.

That is why the government wants to establish the unemployment insurance in Mexico, because it represents an incentive that allows people to stay in touch with the labor market and is an essential social component to the economic development of a country. Despite this concern, foreigners from all over the world come to Mexico to experience a new lifestyle.

If you're a foreigner looking for a job in Mexico then one of the best ways to start your search is to be in touch with employment agencies, which offer the best job opportunities for foreigners. Also, some agencies handle the interviewing process, although usually it's the company's own managers who do the final selection.

Furthermore, some employment agencies in Mexico provide job offers in architecture, medicine, executive, education fields, and so on. Another good way to find a job is by searching online. Look through Internet employment sites and newspapers where you can find information and also interact with others who may know of other job opportunities.

If you want to be considered to the job interview, you need a well-written resume and cover letter.  It shows respect for the interviewer and makes you look like a better candidate. Also, it is important to dress up conservatively for the interview even if it is a company that has a relaxed dress code. By using these tips, your job interview should look very professional.

As when applying to any other kind of job, it's necessary to meet some minimum qualifications required to apply to state jobs. Having a degree is one of the requirements. If you want more information, please visit the United States´ websites.

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