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Insurance in Mexico

Insurances cover any kind of expense related to healthcare, housing, car or travel. There are a lot of insurance companies. Here is a short description about each type of insurance that you can find around Mexico City.

Life insurance
Life insurance is a contract between the owner of the insurance policy and the insurer. The insurer compromises to pay to the beneficiary a sum of money when the insured dies because of a terminal or critical illness. The insured part compromises to pay a determined quantity of money at regular intervals.
Life insurance provides security and tranquility to the members of the family who would be called as the beneficiaries.

Car, auto or vehicle insurance
Car insurance is purchased for cars, trucks and other vehicle. It provides protection during losses generated as a consequence of traffic accidents. Depending on the state, the insurance can be ordered by the government or established by the insurance company itself. Sometimes the insurer will have more liberty to determine the price that has to be compensated in order to cover any kind of damage.

Health insurance
Health insurance covers any medical cost. It is often public owned or organized in a nonprofit basis for customers. Sometimes it covers disability or caring needs during the lactation period. It is offered thorugh insurance programs sponsored by the social government or insurance private companies.

Travel insurance
Travel insurance is destined to cover medical costs as well as the costs of a missed flight. It applies to domestic and international travels.

The common risks that could be covered by the insurance travel are:
  • Medical assistance cost.
  • Emergency evacuation.
  • Cancelation travel or interruption.
  • Accidental death or accident.
  • Funeral assistance cost.
  • Lost, theft or damage of personals objects, money includes and travel documents
  • Delayed baggage and emergency replacement of essential items
  • Legal Assistance.
Home insurance
A home includes a lot of services that in some cases can generate some dangerous problems such as flooding, gas emission, short circuits, etc. Home insurance can cover any type of damages that are generated in our home.

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