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Sports in Mexico

Mexico is one of the best places to visit during your vacation. This beautiful country offers you a wide range of addictive activities. Of course, most people would rather visit the spectacular pyramid of Chichen Itza in the northern center of the Peninsula of Yucatán, but if you are into sports, Mexico offers you as many sports as you would expect. Soccer is very popular here, but there are other possibilities too, like water sports, which are commonly practiced along Mexico?s coastal.

Thanks to a wide variety of ecosystems, Mexico is able to set the perfect conditions to some exciting sports like mountain biking or climbing. The beautiful and impressive rivers that run through Mexico?s territory allow the tourist to practice canyoning, canoeing or kayaking. Let?s not forget about the ocean and all the sports that we can practice there. Scuba diving and snorkeling are among the most popular disciplines, and during the past few years they have become the trendiest activities in Mexico.

Hiking and trekking in Mexico
There are many routes and paths to follow and spend some quality time outdoors. Landscapes are just perfect to complete the day of adventurous walkers.

Mountaineering in Mexico
Would you like to climb to the top of some of the most beautiful and amazing mountains in the whole world? Well, Mexico is the perfect destination for that purpose. The wide variety of mountains guarantees a rewarding and memorable experience.

Climbing in Mexico
People from all over the world visit Mexico City just to experience the adrenaline of climbing one of the peaks and volcanoes that are located around the city. It doesn?t matter if you are an experience climber or you just have begun to practice this passionate sport; it?s easy to find a challenge that will fit to you level of expertise.

Scuba diving in Mexico
It would be a sin to spend some time in Mexico without visiting the Yucatan's Caribbean coast, and it would be even worse if you leave without practicing Scuba diving in Cozumel. This place is one of the most admired holiday destinations in the world; the loveliness of its underwater landscapes speaks for itself.

Kayaking in Mexico
Try Cabo San Lucas to La Paz, and also in the north the Sea of Cortez, they are a sea kayaker's fantasy. It has several tiny coves and extraordinary inlets to pull into and explore, under the watchful gaze of sea lions and dolphins.

Soccer in Mexico
The Estadio Azteca (Calz. de Tlalpan 3465, Tlalpan. 55/5617-8080) is the second largest in Latin America and home of the Aguilas de América, one of Mexico's top soccer teams. Usually you can get tickets outside of the stadiums, but for more important games, buy tickets a week in advance.

Ski Resorts in Mexico
A ski resort can be considered the perfect place to spend a whole weekend with the family, friends or partner. These facilities have too much to offer to their visitors, from luxurious restaurants to useful ski lessons that we can take to get the most out of our stay.

Ski resorts are located in snow-covered mountainous areas; it is necessary that the venue chosen fulfills these conditions to ensure the creation of ski trails along the entire slope of the mountain. It is also important to have gondolas or aerial trams, capable of taking visitors to the top of the mountain to start a new falling trip through the slope.

The areas around the Ski Resort are often filled with amenities such as ice-skating fields, game rooms, cinemas, clubs and many more. Ski schools offer all the equipment necessary to start practicing this passionate sport.
Marinas in Mexico
Marinas are the perfect place for ocean lovers and veteran sailors. These harbors are used to keep boats and yachts in the water; they also have a lot of services such as restaurants, stores, and washing facilities. These centers also have maritime cranes capable of taking a boat out of the water and move it to locations where they can be safe during winter season or when the ocean suddenly rise its level.

At the same time, and if we are looking for another option to park our ship besides a harbor, we can use buoys. These are located at some distance from the coast and are cheaper, but it?s a bit complicated to reach them, so usually "water taxi" or inflatable boats are used; both options are low-cost.

Diving Schools in Mexico
Mexico is the perfect place to begin one of the most popular water activities, diving schools have appropriate sessions for each user, from beginners to veterans. Along its coast you may find some of the most stunning coral reefs in the world.  To live this adventure is a priceless experience, and a memory that will remain in our memory for a long time.

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