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Spanish phrases for holidays

Spanish, with over  400 million speakers, is the most spoken romance language and the  official language in over 24 countries including Colombia, Mexico,  Panama, Argentina, Spain, Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela,  Honduras and more. Naturally, the pronunciation varies in each country,  for example: the Spanish spoken in Argentina  is different than the Spanish spoken in Spain because in Argentina  is used the ?voseo? (the practice  of using ?vos?), so even with  these differences, the Spanish language is unique.
Learning the Spanish language  is a great advantage especially for those who love to travel. Due  to the large range of countries where the Spanish language enjoys official  status, if you learn Spanish, you will be able to not only one or  a couple of countries, but, as we said earlier, a large number of  amazing countries. So, if you want to know more about amazing cultures  such as the Aztecs, the Incas and of course the Mayas, learning  Spanish will be a great help for you.
Before  to visit any of these countries, it will be advisable to learn at  least some useful words and phrases that will help you in your  stay, here we show some of the most common phrases that you definitely  must learn.
Spanish English
Hola Hola
Adiós/Chau Bye
Si/No Yes/No
Disculpe,  ¿qué hora es? Excuse me, What time is it?
¿Usted habla inglés? Do you speak English?
¿Dónde puedo tomar un taxi? Where can I get a taxi?
Por favor/Gracias Please/thanks
¿Podría decirme si hay un restaurant  cerca de aquí, por favor? Could you tell me if there is a restaurant near here, please?
¿Cuánto? How much?
No entiendo! I don't understand
No hablo muy bien el español No hablo muy bien el español
Encantado de conocerte Nice to meet you
¿A qué hora es el desayuno? What time is the breakfast?
Tengo un problema I  have a problem
¿Dónde está mi hotel? Where is my hotel?
¿Dónde está el paradero? Where is the bus stop?
¿Dónde está el baño? Where is the toilet?
¿Dónde está la comisaría más cercana? Where is the nearest police station?
¿Dónde puedo encontrar un doctor? Where can I find a doctor?

As we can see, there  a large number of useful phrases that will make you more comfortable,  so if you want to learn Spanish, it will not be a problem because  there are a large number of language schools learning how  to learn Spanish in a short time, in addition you can also find useful resources  and Spanish courses online on the internet where  you will learn at the same time you play fighting games .

So, what are you waiting for,  this is the perfect moment to know more about Latin American  and Spanish culture.


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