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Playa del Carmen Travel Guide
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Playa del Carmen Travel Guide

Playa Del Carmen or “Playa” (beach), as the natives call this place; have obtained worldwide fame in a small period of 10 years. Playa del Carmen is a interesting place that attracts tourists from all locations in the world, anxious to see with their own eyes the wonders of the place, to sink in the environment, to feel the soft white sand underfoot, to enjoy the bohemian nightlife in the sandy coasts and to enjoy traditional music of Playa of the Carmen while a delicious tropical drink is savored. Young people from all around the world think that this place is perfect to know others cultures and styles of life.

Streets of the Playa del Carmen are the perfect scene that you look for fun, for example: Dancers of regional dance, street interpretations, concheros with pre-Hispanic dresses executing his mystiques ritual dances, troubadours that tell local legends and artists that work on his occupations for the visitors’ fascination.

The hotels and vacation centers of the Playa del Carmen attract painters, musicians, dancers and avid poets to go beyond the limits of the daily to live and in an unbelievable universe where dreams run like rivers and creativity comes up inspired for the nature.

The popular roads of this beautiful place are fenced by craft stores, a little sign of the international and Mexican hidden creativity; In Playa del Carmen, also you can find a meeting place of extravagant characters; the visitors can taste the delicious regional kitchen at an untold number of restaurants located at the avenue.

The City of Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen is recommended for tourists, the contour of legendary Cozumel's Island is gorgeous. Journeys programmed by ferry transfer visitors of the Playa del Carmen to the biggest Mexican island and to the recognized place of diving, in where the turquoise blue waters invite the divers to discover the wonders that are hidden below its surface.

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