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Playa del Carmen Travel Guide

The City of Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is recommended for tourists, the contour of legendary Cozumel's Island is gorgeous. Journeys programmed by ferry transfer visitors of the Playa del Carmen to the biggest Mexican island and to the recognized place of diving, in where the turquoise blue waters invite the divers to discover the wonders that are hidden below its surface.

Playa del Carmen, mysterious, peculiar and still immersed in his traditions, the door is for whoever wish to enjoy simple beauty and the culture of the Mayan world, exploring the region, living together with its people and knowing the Riviera Maya's parks. Nowadays, the news alternatives to the traditional tourism is the ecotourism that offers everything, from long walks through exuberant jungles including millenarian Cenotes and Mayan towns, also you can dive at caves in the system of subterranean rivers or at solitary lagoons.

Obviously after a day with several activities, there is nothing like receiving a pleasant massage at beaches of Playa del Carmen, therapies to calm the spirit and treatments with clay to eliminate toxins and to free tension. Even though in the day Playa del Carmen is a fantastic mixture of colors and cultural diversity created by nature, the Riviera Maya's are renowned for its agitated nightlife.

Currently, Playa del Carmen is known as the second most popular Mexican destination of Caribbean, after Cancun, the fact that you find it only 40 minutes by car. So then, nobody can go away of these Mayan islands without visiting this attractive place.

Playa del Carmen Travel Guide
Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen Travel Guide
Playa del Carmen

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