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Playa del Carmen Travel Guide

Nightlife in Playa del Carmen

The dynamic nightlife in Playa del Carmen starts inevitably at the Fifth Avenue. taking coffee in the open air, dining an exotic dish accompanied of a good beer, a good tequila or a good wine, savoring a cocktail in a lounge, and later jumping and dancing on a dance floor or on sand.

The veteran and original Blue Parrot is a good starting point. Balance yourself in a swing in the beach while you listen to music of the 70's, 80 's and 90's, the classics reggaes and other Caribbean rhythms.

The nightlife in Playa del Carmen can continue on the Mambo Café, a classic playense: The best bands and live music, salsa, hip hop and rap to everything that gives. If you are more alternative, the night continues in Santanera, with baroque decoration and a lounge in a half-light at the second floor; a lot of places on the beach even are open to receive the following day. You will be able to see the large diversity of the discotheques in Playa del Carmen.

The great environment of Bliss gushes forth of to only some steps of 5th. Avenue. You will feel an exciting sensation once you enter in this popular bar. The lovers of the night that congregate in this place will be pleased.

Blue Parrot
Blue Parrot is one referential point in Playa del Carmen, in the daytime or by the nights, the swings next to the bar give you the welcome to a beach where the palm trees, bronzed bodies and delicious drinks move to the rhythm of the reggae and the most popular of the 70’s, 80 ’s and 90 ’ s.

Everything happens in a cavern, like an experience of descent to the underworld, it has multiple tones of the lights painted in colors that go over the countless millenarian stalactites.

Diablito Cha-Cha-Cha
This place is a fresh fusion of environment the retro Mexican coastal and Asiatic simply pulls you to enter; Always with active people, excellent DJ ’s playing variety of music, including hip and groovy, attractive retro decoration in the style of the years 50’s, between extravagant and savage, that invites to enjoy an exotic drink.

The Santanera
The Santanera is a new concept in a bi-level structure: The top is a comfortable lounge opened decorated, hinting at the free Mexican fight and to the santería. The downside is a Gothic disco, with lights.

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