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Playa del Carmen Travel Guide

Shopping in Playa del Carmen

Shopping in Playa del Carmen can be a very interesting activity; The Fifth Avenue (La Quinta Avenida in spanish) is the principal commercial street in Playa and it is exclusively for pedestrians. Do not let pass the occasion to visit the new commercial center Paseo del Carmen, you will find exclusive stores and restaurants in a very particular atmosphere.

In Playa del Carmen there are some elegant galleries that offer museum pieces of Oaxaca or San Cristóbal. You will be able to get every variety of craftsmanships of diverse Mexican regions, including furniture and silver jewelry in numerous stores. Also you can find clothing and footwear of excellent quality to really accessible prices.

La Quinta Avenida
The Fifth Avenue is the place that joins together people of different nationalities in a cosmopolitan environment; it is the principal point of meetings in Playa of the Carmen and it is localized to only a block of houses of the beach. Obviously, there is a great variety of stores and small bazaars, the most important restaurants, nightclubs, craftsmanships, as well as huge and famed boutiques.

Like the beaches of Playa del Carmen, The Fifth Avenue is a zone visited for a lot of people, and both of them look crammed in the high season; in one of its extremes you will find the dock where is placed the ferry that goes out to Cozumel.

Paseo del Carmen
Paseo del Carmen is a big and pleasant shopping center with outdoor spaces, it is located between The Fifth Avenue and Playacar. Without a doubt this is the best place to begin your walk. In this place you will find exclusive diverse stores of craftsmanships, souvenirs, clothing, art, jewelry and much more.

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