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Schools in Mexico

Mexico has schools from primary to junior high to senior high school. Most schools offer a kindergarten and pre-school education starting as young as 3 years old. The ratio of English and Spanish language teaching is often up to 50% English. Each school has its own applications, and some schools specialize in an almost complete education in English, such as the American School and Greengates. Classes generally run from early morning to early afternoon.

Public Schools's curriculum is managed by the federal level Secretary of Public Education. Funding is allocated by the government of Mexico City (in some specific cases, such as El Colegio de México, funding comes from both the city's government and other public and private national and international entities).

Private schools allow parents to have more of an influence over the curriculum and are much more expensive. In addition to monthly tuition fees and a one-off enrollment fee, parents are expected to pay for transportation and many of the books, texts and clothes (all schools require the wearing of school uniforms), all of which are sold in the respective schools.

Military schools

Military schools in Mexico

A place where you found a variety of information and learn about the fascinating world of military school life and opportunities. Whether you’re interested in a military school for yourself or your kids, or just to know more about the military schools system, we are glad to offer you broad information.

Law schools

Law schools in Mexico

The law is a fundamental part of society's politics, economics and culture - giving a support for relationships between individuals, companies, the government, and its agencies.
The decision to become a lawyer in law schools is a highly personal one, based on a number of factors that you must take into account.

Flight schools

Flight schools in Mexico

Have you always dreamed of becoming a professional pilot? if you answer it's yes, flight schools will help you find the right pilot training schools for you. The most direct flight path to a rewarding career as a pilot is to find the flight training school or college that will help you fulfill your dream. See the world with a career in flying - new opportunities for pilots are opening up daily.

Pilot schools

Pilot schools in Mexico

Whether your goal is to fly for a major airline, for a corporation or to upgrade your flying skills, the pilot schools you attend will play a vital role in the fulfillment of those ambitions. With our pilot schools database, selecting the right school for you is important, especially if your goal is a professional career as a pilot.

Technical schools

Technical schools in Mexico

After high school, you can choose many different paths to continue your education. One path is to earn a certificate, degree, or diploma from a career college or technical schools that will train you for a specific career, trade, or profession. Those schools train students for a variety of technical positions, including automotive technician, computer technician, hairstylist, medical assistant, truck driver, and many other fields.

Boarding schools

Boarding schools in Mexico

Depending on where you live, local schooling options can compare to boarding schools in several ways. Nearby private day schools, magnet schools, or public high schools can naturally have very bright student bodies and qualified faculty. Academic and extracurricular offerings can also be equally challenging and diverse.

Trade schools

Trade schools in Mexico

Trade school is a school which focuses on providing graduates with marketable skills. Common examples of trade schools include maritime academies, esthetician colleges, culinary schools, automotive repair training programs, and training for medical technicians. After graduating from a trade school, an individual will be able to immediately enter the job market with his or her skills, and be able to receive a high rate of compensation.

Massage schools

Massage schools in Mexico

Massage is an art and science taking a holistic approach to healing and achieving well being for both client and massage therapist. Forms of massage therapy training date back over 3,000 years and have been documented in civilizations around the world including China, Rome, Greece, Japan, Egypt and India. An education in massage therapy at massage schools can help you start a massage therapy career that offers graduates a variety of workplaces and control of your time.

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