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Tijuana Travel Guide
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Tijuana Travel Guide

Tijuana is another important city of Mexico in Baja California Norte for visitors; it is placed right across the limit from San Diego, California, USA. Travelers can imagine a perfect atmosphere for the most part of the year, with standard temperatures throughout the daylight ranging from 68ºF in January, to 86º in August. The rainy season do not persist for a long time and comprises late winter to early spring.

An interesting fact of Tijuana is that this place has around 1.2 million of habitants, according to the most recent census, but this information can change significantly, however, it is considered that the quantity is at the present closer to 2 millions.

In the past, this city was knows as a small border town with a salacious reputation for the duration of the Prohibition era in the United States, but nowadays it has become into a large and modern city with a considerable middle class; and also it is a very important tourist destination, jus t because its proximity to the United States and especially for day-trippers from San Diego.

The City of Tijuana
You have to know that today Tijuana is an ideal example in Mexico of the variety, it is the second-largest city on the west coast of North America; in economic terms, the city is composed mainly of a growing middle class whose impulse Tijuana's transformation into a modern city with a vibrant culture.

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