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Tijuana Travel Guide

Tijuana Attractions

Tijuana is internationally known like “the frontier most visited of the world”, and invites you to enjoy and discover its extensive variety of attractions and activities. You will find a lot of interesting places, from its restaurants of first class quality, its nightlife in Tijuana and nightclubs, to its Cultural Centro and museums, golf courses, the bullfights and galgodromo, the modern Zone Río or the folkloric Av. Revolution.

A trip of fifteen minutes the south of Tijuana, you will find the beautiful beaches of Rosarito and to the same distance, of the other side of the frontier, you will finds San Diego's city, California, with its multiple attractions.

Tijuana's Beaches
A nice place to walk for the jetty and to enter any of the snack bars that are there, sometimes they offer live music, or if you like, you can eat the seafood in the restaurants with live music of band or Norteña (Northerner), also tasting any international appetizer and typical, beginning to swim if you withstand the cold water and you are not afraid of the unsafe currents, or simply playing or resting in the sand, if you like to surf, this is a good place to practice it.

Centro Cultural Tijuana. ( CECUT )
Almost every day there are various events and every month there are expositions of paint, sculpture, drawings and pieces of temporal. You can see films in IMAX format, or a fascinating documental. The video living room always has cycles of alternative cinema; there are 2 snack bars if you want to eat something. On the other hand, the reading room offers a excellent variety of books and interesting magazines that you can read just there. Also you can visit the Garden Caracol, in its new position that offers a panorama of the Pre-Hispanic Mexico at an outdoor Museum.

Avenida Revolución
Known as the Tijuana's most famous street, this avenue was built in 1889 and from its beginnings was the point of meetings and a very good place for all tourists who want to get one from its variety of craftsmanships, restaurants and centers of night entertainment. Also there are excellent Mexican, Italian, Oriental restaurants, and American fast food. There are several bars offering its services during almost all day, also there are numerous Table Dances, stores of Havana cigars, banks and supermarkets. Do not forget to take a picture on one of the donkeys.

Parque Morelos
This park is the greatest of Tijuana, has area of slides opened in the summer, a mini zoo, a lot of green areas with roasters, and expositions of replies of pre-Hispanic sculptures, collection of fossils, outdoor theater, an artificial lake with income of boats, and playing area for the kinds.

Brewery Tijuana
You know the process of elaboration of beer and finally taste it in a nice bar with European style. Blvd. Founders No. 2951, Cabbage. Juárez. Tel. ( 664 ) 638-8662 and 63 Journeys guided with previous appointment Mondays to Friday from 10:00's a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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