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Valladolid Travel Guide
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Valladolid Travel Guide

Valladolid is a gorgeous colonial city, located strategically between Mérida and Cancún, to only 40 kilometers of the majestic Chichen Itzá. It is at the present time one pleasant place of civil and religious architecture, for instance the great convent of San Bernardino of Siena (XVIth Century) and its majestic Cathedral of San Servasio with a baroque style (XVIIIth Century); And several others monuments, like the Municipal Palace, temple San Juan of God, Santa Ana, San Roque, Santa Lucía and the Central Park.

This city is an eternal and peaceful environment of its streets, colorful and likeable; discover the famous and mysterious cenote Zací showing its crystalline waters with abysmal depths; or tasting the strong and succulent gastronomy of the place and its parks and gardens.

In relation to its foundation, Valladolid’s history shows that Francisco of Montejo, “the nephew”, found an extensive land around a beautiful lagoon that the natives called Chouac Há, it means long water and the Spaniards thought that this was the best place to establish a population; Therefore, Montejo installed his camp in this location. This place would be the home base to initiate the domination of its capital Zacihual, which means White sparrow, hawk carnivorous bird that symbolizes that community's warlike attributes.

Zacihual was important for Spaniards to finish with Zaci's rebelliousness, because with them the rebelliousness of several towns that were recognizing the authority of its battle. A story does not exist of how Zaci was defeated. Conquered Zaci and its ample influence zone, in May 23, 1543, Montejo founded in Chouac-há the village called Valladolid.

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