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Nightlife in Oaxaca

Oaxaca has an exiting and varied nightlife, which makes it easy for almost all tourists who wish to enjoy an agreeable night out. Folkloric shows, jazz, salsa music and even blues seem to be as popular as rock or disco; On Sunday at 12:30 PM the Oaxaca State Band sets up under the Indian laurel trees in the Zocalo of Oaxaca City, where outdoor cafés frequently have live marimba, salsa, or flamenco music at night.

See the free monthly magazines Oaxaca Times and Oaxaca for event information. Late night discos and dance establishments are, certainly, but they are not as evident in Oaxaca. Different cultural offerings, like a small concerts and recitals and even street performances appeared commonly as frequent as the dynamic disco establishments. This promotes a pleasant and varied nightlife scene, which can be a genial change for visitors. Be sure that when the night comes up you will have an extensively diverse option of entertainment.

Oaxaca Zocalo in not only the downtown of the city, it is considered as the heart of the city by day and the nervous system by night. In a subtle manner, dinner carries on with some beverages, and then some more everything at the gateway of Oaxaca Zocalo among bands, walkers, improvised musicians, even on the streets and in the Zocalo, balloons, crafts makers. There is sufficient amusement situated within the Centro Historico district that satisfies your needs, without going too far. In Oaxaca you can enjoy of a good amusement, for instance live musical performances. Schedules and forms of amusement vary frequently, beware to plan if you like to enjoy of the exiting Oaxacan nightlife.

Bars, Discos and Nightclubs in Oaxaca

  • Azukar - Live Rock and Salsa Music, H. Escuela Naval Militar 103 Reforma (Tel: 513-1170)
  • Candela - After 11pm The Candela’s dance floor is crowded with residents and tourists coming to dance their salsa, rhumba and merengue, with a live band. Murguia 413 Centro(Tel: 9/514-2010)
  • El Patio Grande - Live Dance Music, Hidalgo 412 Centro Histórico (Tel: 501-0364)
  • La Divina - Rock Music, Funky bar decorated with masks and model animals in the setting of the Santo Domingo church, with music that doesn't blow your ears off. Adolfo Gurion 104 Centro Histórico (Tel: 582-0508)
  • La Tentación - Salsa and Merengue Music, Matamoros 101 Centro (Tel: 514-9521)
  • Catedral - Tropical Music, García Vigil 105 Centro Histórico (Tel: 516-3285)
  • El Sol y La Luna - This restaurant by the cathedral also has jazz and tropical rhythms, Thurs - Sat, from 9pm. US$2 cover. Reforma 502 Centro Histórico (Tel: 514-8069)
  • El Sagrario - Latin music from 9pm to 2am. No cover. Valdivieso 120 Centro Histórico (Tel: 514-0303)
  • La Casa del Mezcal - Push aside the swinging doors of La Casa del Mezcal, near the Juárez market, for a classic cantina experience that's diminished only slightly by the presence of a large TV (or two). Miguel Cabrera St. 209, between Mina St. and Aldama St., Centro Histórico
  • Hotel Monte Albán - The Hotel Monte Albán has nightly dance shows beginning at 8:30 PM. Admission is about $6. Alameda de León 1, Centro Histórico (Tel: 951/516-2330)
  • La Cucaracha - For $10 you can taste four tequilas or five mezcals. A yellow placard outside announces the evening's entertainment in the small performance space called Breve Espacia. Porfirio Díaz St. 301, at Matamoros, Centro Histórico (Tel: 951/514-2042)

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