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Eating & Drinking in Tijuana

Tijuana is famous for its gastronomy; it has the influence of the Mexican roots kitchen mixed with the Mediterranean ingredients, which results in a very attractive fusion for the lovers of cuisine. In Tijuana you will involved by the overpowering smells of street food like the carne asada (marinated beef grilled over charcoal) tucked into corn tortillas.

You can find local cuisine from first-class restaurants, some of them expensive and other with reasonable rates, to local eateries and street food like tacos. In several sit down restaurants, musicians will wander in and play for tip, but most of them are untalented and numerous work with pickpockets, If cuisine is an essential aspect in your stay in Mexico, be careful checking out the smaller taco shops, where you want to taste the best roasted meat and tacos. Also, do not forget to savor the delicious Churros made by street vendors.

On the other hand, if you want to drink something, beer drinkers are well-advised to go the Cerveceria Tijuana or the Tijuana Brewery, and its brewpub. It is placed on Blvd. Fundadores, not only do they brew and offer five diverse Eastern, in European style lager beers, but they also have a good food menu for a reasonable price.

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