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Getting Tijuana

Arrival and Leaving Tijuana

By plane

Tijuana has the most important international airport of Baja California Norte and Tijuana International is served by the major Mexican airlines. The San Diego International Airport is only a few miles north of the international border and can be used as a transit point for travelers wanting to visit Tijuana.

By Bus

This is another good alternative; The Central of Buses of Tijuana (Lázaro Cárdenas Street 15751, colonia Mesa de Otay) receives around 100 vehicles from diverse cities of Mexico, the buses leave from the parking lots on the US side, cross into Mexico, and drop you off at the bus station on Revolucion Avenue in the middle of the downtown tourist district. These buses run during the day, every day, and cost $3 per trip.

By Car

Is not high recommended visit Tijuana by car, not only because the traffic can be challenging, however, if you rather drive, take I-5 south to the Mexican border at San Ysidro. The trip takes under a half-hour from downtown San Diego, even though the southbound border crossing seldom needs more than a few minutes, permit at least 1 hour to cross the border coming back to the U.S., or 2 hours on weekends or holidays.

If you want to take your car into Mexico, you must purchase Mexican automobile insurance prior to crossing the border. Most U.S. policies are not applicable in Mexico, in the unlucky event of an accident.

By Trolley

This in one of best way to get Tijuana from San Diego downtown; regular service is provided from San Diego. The trip takes approximately 45 minutes and the cost is $1.75, the last returning trolley from San Ysidro is at 1am. On Saturday night, the trolley runs 24 hours.

By foot

Many people drive to the border, park on the US side, and walk across. There are many lots available for this, which charge $4-$9 a day. While there are many taxis waiting to take you to Avenida Revolucion, it's only about a fifteen minute walk; follow the other tourists.

Getting Around Tijuana

There are several Taxicabs in Mexico and is not difficult to get one in the city, especially if you are taking a walk into Tijuana via the San Ysidro border crossing, there are numerous yellow cabs waiting to take you into downtown, This group of cab drivers are suitably placed and do not forget to negotiate the cost before jumping into a cab.

Everywhere in the city, the cab drivers stand on the footway and solicit clients, it is difficult to keep away from them, and obviously getting a cab should never be a dilemma. Yellow cabs do not have meters, but Taxi Libre cabs have meters and are more inexpensive than yellow cabs; however, maybe you will need to remind the cab driver to use the meter.

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